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FCC Confusion

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I received an email today for a cancelled cruise with a FCC amount that i cant figure out what is consists of.  

I requested my On Board Purchase also be applied as a FCC but i cant tell if they just merged them all together.  My Total FCC doesnt add up to the (Cruise Fare + CPP purchases) X 1.25 so i have no idea what was processed.  

My question is, Are the Port Taxes and Fees part of the FCC or have people been getting them as actual refunds?

Has anyone else noticed what appeared to be their CPP and Cruise Fare all lumped into one big FCC?

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23 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

I think everyone is getting weird refund amounts.  

I cannot say for sure WHAT they are doing, but they are SUPPOSED to refund the taxes, port fees and gratuities as CC refunds.  They should not be part of the FCC in any way, if they are doing what they said they would do.

My concern is if i call them they will say "OH we gave you too much".  I will wait a bit to see if the taxes and fees are refunded.  If i dont get a refund then they gave me too little.

Heaven for bid they include itemizations of everything they put into the FCC.  Anytime you return anything to a store you see EVERY item returned in detail.

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Just received my FCC 2 days ago.  We already received a refund of our Taxes, PP Gratuities, etc. 1 week ago when we checked our AmEx account.  The FCC was much more than we were expecting , even with the 125% included.  I already booked another cruise, so we applied a portion of the credit to our new cruise.  We had a remaining balance of $1,700.  I called RCL to see if we can apply the balance to an upgraded cabin.  They researched our question and found out that they gave us too much FCC on the email.  Of course, the remaining balance was adjusted from $1,700 to $300.


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