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Looking to see if anyone has experienced the new Royal Suite Class service since it kicked off on May 1st.

I will be going on June 12th, I believe there is atleast one person on the other topic on this board that is sailing Star Class this week.  Hopefully they will fill us in when they return.  There are several active topics on CC where feedback has been abundant, so just search the site.  I can't really say I have heard a single negative thing about the new Star Class program. It appears that it has exceeded expectations so far.  The genies that have been mentioned seem to be surprising guests with unique opportunities, like reserving specific seats for shows and basically creating a "fast pass" line for ship board activities that far exceeds past suite guest perks.  As far as Food and Beverage, as of yet it doesn't appear there are any real limitations to what is included.  I am a glass is half full guy...so I was going to be pleased no matter what , but it looks like they have hit it out of the park with Star Class.

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Thanks all for the feedback, I have been searching for more feedback and got some good info from the Cruise Critic Blogs on RC. I am traveling June 5th on Harmony in a 2 room Aqua Theater Suite, and I saw people are getting emails from their Royal Genie, but haven't been able to lock down how long before the cruise they were hearing from them, hopefully I will see that soon.

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