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Coco Cay, Beach Club or Beach Bed?


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3 hours ago, Matt said:

Where did you sit exactly? I found the bartenders to be roaming so often I had to let them know I need a break from drinks ?

The buffet is for appetizers only.  It's similar to Solarium Bistro, where food is ordered from the kitchen but apps are available to grab.

You also have to keep in mind the food served at Coco Beach Club is specialty restaurant level food. This is not burgers and hot dogs. Thus, it takes time and it would be worse to let a "cattle call" approach occur where everyone stands in line waiting for food.  

I think the reservation system is better, since it prevents standing around and waiting.  

The key for all involved here is to simply make a reservation sooner than later. I recommend doing so when you enter the club.

Far left side -- when facing the beach/back to Coco club. That seemed to be the experience for the other areas as well - they were crawling with bartenders and they weren't that much more packed with people than where we were. It was very odd..

Our lunch actually was incredibly fast at 2.. we ordered our food, went to the apps buffet, grabbed a few things, and before we could even finish them our lobster was being set down. I'm assuming they were mass prepping them in advance so for things like that, it's perfect. I'd still prefer if they just allowed for walk-up dining but possibly with the option of reserving a time, but even then I don't see myself returning at it's current cost so it's a moot point.

I'm curious @Matt if you had the same experience with the beach (lots of broken shells)? I know a few prior visits had been canceled before ours due to weather, so I'm wondering if we were just "luckily unlucky".

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