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Does Photo Package Still Include Kids in Other Cabins


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Does the photo package still include children in other cabins? My husband and I are traveling with our five children in three cabins. One of our children is 21, the rest younger. I read a post from 2017 that said once onboard, the photo vendor can link your children in other cabins, if they are under a certain age, to the package, but when I call RC they said No, but I could check with the vendor. There is a direct link to the vendor from the RC.com site which states that children 21 and under in other cabins are linked. I sent in a ticket to the vendor to be certain and it has been four days with no word from the vendor. I would like to buy the package now as it is on sale but I am concerned I will get onboard and be told they will not honor what their website says, since in contradicts RC info. Has anyone linked children in other cabins recently? Cruising soon so appreciate any timely help. Thanks!!!


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I had a similar situation while my family was on Harmony this last May 2019.  My wife and I were in one cabin, and my three kids (21 and 18 in one cabin, 16 in another with other minor nieces ages 13 and 15).  I went to the photo shop desk as soon as I embarked, and they very willingly linked all three cabins together with no hassles.

As others have mentioned, it is very important that anyone getting their picture taken give the SAME cabin number for everyone (preferably, your cabin number).  This will minimize any issues.  Royal Caribbean uses some facial recognition software to automatically match faces to room portfolios, so I would strongly recommend checking at least every other day your digital portfolio on the ship, and make sure you are seeing the pictures you are expecting.  We had a small issue of our embarkation photos being missing, and after letting them know the approximate time we boarded, they found the photos, and were added to my portfolio by the next morning.  Additionally, we also ended up with other family's pictures on my portfolio that their facial recognition system must have matched to us.  It was very easy at the picture reviewing kiosk in the photo shop to remove the other family's pictures from my portfolio.

I've done this "family pictures from multiple cabins" situation on my last three cruises (Freedom-2015,  Oasis-2017, & Harmony-2019), and have never had any issues or push-back from the photo desk personnel about the linked staterooms.

Feel free to ask any other questions, and I'll see what I can answer!

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