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11 February 2017 on the Harmony - Dining options are open !

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For those of you who are booked on the 11 February 2017 sailing of the Harmony of the Seas (Stephanie ??), all dining options are open for booking !


This is a little surprising, really.  This sailing is still 341 days out.  This just goes to show that there is NO "norm" when it comes to when dining reservations options will open for any particular sailing.  The dining options for my 23 December 2016 Navigator still aren't open.  With the Harmony being a new build, I find open dining reservations this far ahead to be very unusual.




Just a note.  I am in a 2 BR Aqua Theater Suite, which qualifies for the Star Suites package.  This package is supposed to include unlimited specialty dining....however, when I chose a specialty restaurant to book, it showed the standard PP fee...so I did not book any specialty restaurants at this time.  I will just wait and see what how they handle this.  I have no interest in paying now and having them reimburse me later.  Seems like a lot of unnecessary work.  Surely they will figure out how make this work efficiently.  Either that or I won't be making any specialty restaurant reservations until I get onboard and that sort of defeats the purpose of having open reservations options in advance...



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Yes I am still on this sailing! When i was on the dreaded cruise critic I heard that your "Royal Genie" Was supposed to contact you about 2 weeks before sailing to arrange everything you need including specialty dining reservations. I like you have no interest in Paying Royal Caribbean now and having them reimburse me. Have you tried to Call Club Royale and ask them if the Royal Genie's will help? I wanted to just havent had time with work.. LEt me know if you find out anything because like you said it is supposed to be included!

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No, I haven't asked anyone about this yet.  I guess I will let some time go by and see what kind of information comes out.  Your information, that the Concierge will contact us, makes sense...but they need to fix the website otherwise people who don't know what their perks are, are going to be paying for things that they shouldn't.


Nice to see that they are making progress !!

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Oh I absolutly agree they need to fix the website. I would actually rather make the reservations myself because I am a planner and it is fun for me. However, I am not going to pay for something I am supposed to get for free. I think I am going to wait until May when the program gets rolled out and then contact either Club Royale or Crown and Anchor and see what they say about what to do.

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