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Crown & Anchor Points


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Correct.  The 2 loyalty programs have reciprocal agreements (they honor each other's status) but you can accrue points only on the line with which you sail.  You will earn C&A points on Royal and Captain's Club points with X.


One other restriction....while Celebrity will grant you equivalent perks to whatever your C&A status is, they will NOT honor C&A balcony discounts (and vice versa, I assume).

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Hello Jerel. Haven't been on this site in months so wasn't able to respond to a fellow Haligonian.  We just finished a cruise on the Oasis and ran into two couples from the HRM district. Nice to see Nova Scotian's supporting RC

Hey, running into two couples is pretty good. Iv ran into Maritimers but not any Nova Scotians yet, many Canadians though.

I do go down to point plesent park to see the ships leave sometimes and there does tend to be decent crowd watching, so we must have some RC supporters.


Hope your finding the blog and podcasts here a good source of info, they are worth checking out if you haven't. Personally I just think it's all designed to keep us addicted to cruising.


Best of luck

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