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  1. Hello Jerel. Haven't been on this site in months so wasn't able to respond to a fellow Haligonian. We just finished a cruise on the Oasis and ran into two couples from the HRM district. Nice to see Nova Scotian's supporting RC
  2. Great beach in St. Thomas is Magens Bay. It is located on the north side and is a well protected white sand beach. Nearest port is Charlotte Amalie about 7 km away (15 minutes). We took a bus tour which included a stop at the beach but I understand you can also get taxis there. Google it and you will find ton of helpful information and tips.
  3. I have a C & A account and accumulate points. Does anyone know if nights spent aboard "Celebrity" cruise lines are eligible to be added to your C & A account?
  4. Thanks again WAAAYTOO. Would you know how many sailings, (nights), are associated with each level? Tiering System.
  5. What Crown and Anchor level is your card actually gold colour?
  6. Thank you WAAYTOOO. Really appreciate the info and your description of how to figure out the configuration. Very informative.
  7. Has anyone stayed in rooms 12728 or 12326 on the Oasis? I'm trying to find out what is the configuration of these two rooms. Specifically, is the bed against the balcony or the closet? On our last trip on the Allure our bed was against the closet and there wasn't much room to manuver between the bed and the closet door so we prefer when the bed is against the balcony and the coach is at the front of the room. Any info on this would be very appreciated.
  8. My wife and I just finished a 7 day cruise on the Allure and we are booked in April on the Oasis. They are sister ships so if you are familiar with one then you will know the other as well. As they are similiar there shouldn't be any difference between the two. As previously mentioned, don't make your decision based on the show. Departure date and ports of call are what we based our decision on. We have sailed with RC many times and love the staff. Their was a lot to occupy our time on the Allure and so I imagine that will be the same case with the Oasis. My only complaint is the smoking thing in the Casino. We are not smokers and it is pretty bad. Unfortunately if you wanted to head from the Dining Room to the Amber Theatre you had to pass thru the Casino or go up a flight a stairs, cross over and down a flight. By the way...if you are on deck 7 there is a "secrect door" at the end of the aft hallway, (not too many people know about this), that will take you straight out to the rock climbing area and Aqua Theatre. You can also go down a flight of stairs from there to deck 5 which puts you on the walking/jogging track.
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