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  1. Hi All! My husband and I are cruising on Independence of The Seas on Monday, April 18 until Sat April 23 (4 days left, yayyy). The CAVS are playing in the playoffs on Wednesday and Friday during our cruise and we are from Cleveland so definitely big CAVS fans!!! Any suggestions on where to watch the game while on the cruise? Thank you!!!! Jetty
  2. I just looked at the latest Indy compass and it was in there! Yay!
  3. To this point... I am allowed to bring repellent lotion, spray, permethrin and all that kind of stuff, correct?!
  4. Matt, can I be added too?! I would love to know more about this! Thank you!
  5. Hey!!! Our cruise is just 27 days away... YAYYY!!! I am figuring out details and was hoping you all could help me. My husband and I are going on a 5 night cruise with Independence of the Seas. After the cruise we have decided to go to Miami to visit some family members and then just leave from there. I am assuming my best option is to rent a car at Port Everglades and then drive to Miami from there. Is this correct? if so, what is the best and closest place to rent a car at Port Everglades? Do we just walk there with out luggage or is there a shuttle that pick us up and drop us of at the car rental location? Any details you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much in advance! WOHOO! Jetty
  6. Hi All! So... my husband and I love cruises and we thought this year we would take a somewhat cheaper cruise. Our plan for this cruise is to enjoy the ship (Independence of the Seas) more than the ports; hoping we can save some money this way. This being said, I need help! We already decided we are getting the Drink package as we can enjoy it on the cruise and at Labadee and while we would love love love to do the Dragon Zip Line or Parasailing we think this year we should skip these and enjoy some free/cheap activities instead. So, what free/cheap activities do you recommend for Labadee and Falmouth? Should we just skip Jamaica completely and hang out on the ship? Thank you in advance for all your help! I am loving this blog!!!! :) Jetty
  7. Thank you for all your help! We are definitely getting the drink package (we will never cruise without it, haha)!! So from the sounds of it, it is not really worth it especially if we are already getting the drink package. So Chops it is!!! Thank you! :)
  8. My husband's 27th birthday is while we are on the cruise so I wanted to celebrate big! He loves steaks and wine... I love steaks but I am not big on wine though I really want to acquire that taste... so should we go celebrate at Chef's Table or Chops Grille?
  9. Hello There! My husband and I just booked a cruise for April 18 on Independence of the Seas - SOOO EXCITED! We picked 8:30pm dining... I felt like it was a little late but thought, well that gives us enough time to get back from port, take a nap and get ready for the night. Plus, if we are ready earlier then we can just go grab drinks at Boleros (Coconut Mojito is my absolut favorite). Anyways, now I am not sure if it was the best idea. We went on Quantum back in November 2014 and did MTD, which we loved, but here it was a little different because their wasn't really a "main dinning room" so we usually ate at about 7:30pm. I liked eating at 7:30pm and going to the show after but missed getting to know our servers. So anyways... what should we do... MTD or 8:30pm dining? Also, we enjoy going to the shows after dinner so what times are the shows? Any suggestions are more than welcome! Thank you! BB
  10. Hi All! My husband and I are trying to plan the perfect cruise getaway. We are a young couple that enjoys drinking, good entertainment, dancing, relaxing, etc... So we were hoping you guys could help us decide on the best short cruise itinerary and ship. Post away! Thank you very much in advance! :) BB
  11. My Husband and I are trying to pick between the Oasis and the Allure. Honestly, we really want to go to Harmony of the Seas but the Caribbean dates won't work for us so we are going to settle for Oasis or Allure (which is still a great!!! ). We are 26 and kids at heart so we enjoy everything from drinking, eating, entertainment shows, casinos and all of the other activities on board. From my research, Allure is the way to go but the only thing from keeping me is Mamma Mia. We already saw Mamma Mia on our honeymoon with Quantum of the Seas and while it was good I'm not sure I want to see it again. So, Is Cats good enough to make me want to book Oasis or is Allure too awesome to not go because of Mamma Mia? I would love to hear your suggestions! Thank you!!!!!! :) :)
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