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Price is the same, I enjoy pre paying my gratuities just because I enjoy knowing that I am not going to have a hefty bill at the end of the cruise.  But as with quite a few things on a cruise it is a matter of personal preference! 

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1 hour ago, bookit said:

Is it better to prepay the gratuities or is the price the same at the end of cruise, someone told me the price could be more money at end of cruise, is that true?

it can be more if you book in advance, because the rate typically increases each year.  So when I booked the current cruise in 2018, the gratuity was 14.50 per day and we were told it would probably go up to 15/day (for 2019 sail date).  On the other hand, if you carry trip insurance for the entire amount, you are 'insuring" the gratuities you prepaid.  Once that raised us over a $$ threshold and cost us an extra $50 in trip insurance.    For the convenience, we now prepay and don't worry about it....

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