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New formal dress arrived today

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I've recently lost quite a bit of weight, and I have been buying new clothes for our cruise that is coming up in 19 short days. I ordered a new formal night dress in two sizes because I wasn't sure which would fit, and they arrived today. I tried on the smallest size first (because I like punishment), and as I'm trying to zip up the back, which I can't really reach, I'm thinking "YAY! This is a perfect fit!" My husband is on a business trip, and he won't be back until Thursday. So I ask my kids to zip it up for me. I can gather enough fabric where I can reach to tell it's going to zip, and I'm so excited. BUT...  you know when materials change on a dress how it's sometimes hard to zip over the transition? Well my kids both get to that fabric change in the dress and say it won't go any further. I'm dying to get the thing on and see how it really looks because I'm in love with this dress! Would it be weird to go ask a neighbor who's name I don't even know? Not sure I'll make it until Thursday! 🤣

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