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Free Standing Starbucks on Navigator?

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I was trying to figure out whether I can use the Coffee Card at the Starbucks on Navigator or whether the Refreshment Package (for specialty coffee etc) would be good enough. I started doing some more research, and came across a number of web resources that talk about “On RC ships that do not have a free standing Starbucks (all ships except for Oasis class...)” 

I thought that Navigator does have a stand alone Starbucks, but perhaps not? (Going on our first RC cruise this December.)

Maybe the specialty coffee you can get with the Refreshment Package is the same as the coffee you can get with the dedicated 15 punch coffee card? 

The RC website info is not ver clear. 

thx in advance 

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Starbucks is standalone on Navigator, so you can't use any drink package or coffee card there.

There will be specialty coffee available on the promenade that sells espresso based coffees.  They can also blend up the frozen coffee drinks.  This is where you can use your Refreshment package and the coffee card.  You can also use it in the dining room for a cappuccino or espresso.

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7 minutes ago, Birdman325 said:

Thx. If we cant use the coffee card in the Starbucks, it may be better to just get the refreshment package rather than the coffee card. Will have to think about that. (Soda package for the 2 boys!) Thx for the quick reply. 

The refreshment package will give you more variety for sure.  You can get blended frozen vacation drinks without the alcohol on the Refreshment package.  And you can get the fancy coffee on the promenade.  Refreshment package also gives you access to bottled water and you will get souvenir cups as well. 

Soda package is only good for soda, so if that's all the kids drink then you're fine.  If you think they would want a virgin strawberry daiquiris or something similar, then get them the Refreshment package.

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Do you have to buy the package for the entire number of days of the cruise ? For example I am on 4 night / 5 day cruise (get on Monday and get off early Friday morning). Could I pick the package for Tue, Wed Thursday? (I assume not but Friday doesn’t really count as you disembark first thing in the morning)

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If you buy in advance, you can only purchase for the entire cruise.  If you wait until you board, you can choose when to purchase the package but it will be for the rest of the cruise.  It will also cost more per day while on the ship so if you want the package for 3 of 4 nights, you probably don't actually save much.  (Example with deluxe package $60*3 = $180 on ship versus $48*4 = $192 in advance with 20% off).  Packages are charged per night (just like the overall cruise).  This makes sense when you consider that bar hours are generally going to be late morning (11AM?) to very early morning (3AM,4AM?).  So if you have the package on Thursday of your cruise, it will work through debarkation.

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