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VIP Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day


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My wife and I are booked on the 2/2/20 Explorer out of Miami and the first stop is at Nassau. I've bought the VIP beach day at Blue Lagoon as a placeholder excursion, but I'm really confused about the reviews I've read on both the island, and the VIP experience. I'm wondering if anyone has real world experience with the package.

Ideally I want a quiet place to lay around and ensure that I'm in an advanced state of refreshment. The idea of an adults only area is appealing, but again, the reviews I've read have a disjointed nature to them that ranges from "the best thing ever" to "complete rip off". It also seems like different cruise lines have VIP access to different areas of the island, with the best section reserved for Carnival? 

At the same time, if folks know of a stellar beach day in Nassau, I'd gladly give you a virtual internet high five for the info.

Thanks in advance.

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A group of us are going to Sandals Royal Bahamian. It's pricey, but we will have total access to the resort, unlimited alcoholic beverages, unlimited food and snacks, private island, boating, snorkel boat, gym, etc. The rep told me it would be as if we were guests at the hotel for the day, without a room. 

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We took our first cruise back in January and did the Blue Lagoon Dolphin, Sea Lion and Stingray interaction which was absolutely incredible.  I think the reason you see so many disjointed reviews on Blue Lagoon is because, while the area is absolutely beautiful and totally relaxing, the staff can be a little disorganized leaving people to feel rushed/stressed.  

The Blue Lagoon beach is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and if we ever go back to Nassau I would absolutely purchase a Beach Day there.  It's about a 45 minute boat ride from the pier and I think we had to stand around at the ship for 30-45 minutes before they took us over there.  Once we got to Blue Lagoon we had about 30 minutes to explore before our animal interactions started.  The interactions were amazing, but prepping for each one and moving from location to location was very unorganized and confusing at times.  By the time we were done they were selling us pictures but we were running late and almost missed our ferry back to the ship.

If you were going for a beach day without an itinerary I would highly recommend it.  I've added a short video we took from the ferry landing..it doesn't do the beach justice but hopefully will give you and idea.


Here are my pro's and cons to Blue Lagoon:


  • Most Beautiful Beach I've ever seen
  • Not overly crowded
  • Staff is super friendly, helpful and fun



  • Not very organized; if you have a big itinerary you're going to feel rushed
  • expensive; souvenirs, pictures, drinks...everything seems pretty expensive
  • 45 minute ferry ride each way (could be a con for most people but the crew on the ferry was so damn fun and entertaining we thought it was the best part of the entire trip - they even called my oldest son (18) down from the second deck and made him dance to the YMCA in front of everyone and public humiliation is always a good time for everyone! ? )








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