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Swim with the dolphins excursions

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Word to the wise !  Maybe you already know this...but there is a difference between a "dolphin swim" and a "dolphin encounter".  In the dolphin encounter, you can wade into the water and touch the dolphins but you do not get to actually swim with them - let them pull you along.  A dolphin swim is much more involved, with interactive swimming.  You get to ride on the dorsal fin...very cool.  A world of difference...and I will tell you for SURE that the dolphin swim is the way to go unless your children are very young.


We did the dolphin swim in Curacao so I guess I cannot comment specifically about Cozumel or Grand Cayman.  Everything is more expensive in Grand Cayman, so if these are the same basic excursions, I guess I would say go with Cozumel, just for the price.  We did a stingray thing at Cozumel (not the open water swim with the stingrays in Grand Cayman which is AWESOME) which was very good...but not the dolphin swim.

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