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  1. So looking at going on a cruise in September eastern Caribbean. Just wondering is this a good time to cruise? I was just a bit worried about the weather after the way it was last year but wondered if it would affect us or maybe September may be ok? Any advise would be gladly received thanks in advance
  2. At the Dolphins they take you around to the other side of the park and take you into the water. If someone in your party is not doing it it's still not great for pictures cause you are quite far away. Tbh if you are not doing the swimming with them then it's still fun but I don't think worth the money for how long you at there although we really enjoyed ourselves :-)
  3. The coaster had no queue when we went on it which was about 2pm and I didn't see a queue at any other time. Check out this link if you want a sneak peak!!
  4. Fab choice we did harmony a few weeks ago as our first cruise and loved it!! We did the same route you are doing. The zip wire is amazing in labadee if you don't have a Go-pro you can hire one of the island for $20 which is well worth it. We booked the all day coaster but only did it once, as you have to control the speed and brakes yourself it's quite hard to take photos/videos. The dolphins in Jamaica are brilliant. You actually only get about 2 hours at the park as it's an hours drive each way. We did the Royal push and pull and there was only me and my husband rather then a group of
  5. That's brilliant thanx :-) that's the one we ended up booking so feel better seeing this
  6. That great thanx at least now I know that it's risk free. Do you know if the all day access means that we can ride as many times as we like in the day even though we have to book a time?
  7. Hi I'm possibly looking at this excursion for 2 weeks time. Was it good? Can't decide between here an Mexico for the Dolphins!
  8. Hi did you end up doing the dolphins in Cozumel? Was it good? I'm off on Harnony next week and looking at this as an option
  9. Me again!! I have been told that the dragons tail all day roller coaster is sold out by the Royal Caribbean phone team but it will let me book online. It gives times that you have to book so does this mean that actually you can only do it at that time and the once? In which case what is the difference between the single trip and the all day access? Once again thanks for helping this newbie to cruising out!!
  10. Hi all im going on harmony of the seas next week and am just trying to finalise my excursions. I'm stuck though on which dolphin excursion?? I'm looking at either the dolphin cove swim in Jamaica or the dolphin Royal one in Mexico. I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advise that have done either that may be able to help me choose!! Thanks in advance :-)
  11. Hi this is my first visit to the US so I am just filing in my ESTA application. On the front page at the bottom it has contact information and then an option for traveller contact or new contact. I have already entered all of my contact details further up the page Can anyone advise what I should be choosing here? Thanks in advance
  12. I have read that items you purchase are charged to your sea pass but does any one know if you can keep track of how much you have spent during the week or do you have to wait until the end of the week to get your bill? Thanx in advance
  13. That's brilliant thanks everyone for your advise :-)
  14. Hi we are going on our first cruise on the Harmony of the seas in April to Labadee, Falmouth and Cozumel and are trying to find out if we need any vaccinations. Have contacted the doctor but they haven't given us any awnsers. Has anyone been on this cruise and know any about vaccinations for it? Thank you in advance
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