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All Access Ship Tour (Liberty of Sea): Worth $89?


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We recently did the All access tour on the Allure a couple weeks ago.  It was $119 and we though it was well worth it.

It lasted two hours + and included galleys (kitchens), food storage areas (the freezer was, well, freezing and was interesting to see all the stuff in there), the engine control room, laundry facilities and bridge, among other places.  A whole lot of walking, just so you know.  Some steep stairways, slippery floors etc, as well.

The best part was in each area, someone from that area (chef, officer, supervisor) 'took over' the tour, so we got a great insight without the 'guide' having to remember everything.  Lots of chances for pictures (no video allowed) and questions.

One note....when we were leaving the galley areas and getting ready to go to the engine control room and then to the bridge, we were joined by two security personnel (one male, one female) who 'wanded' us with metal detectors, then stayed with us while we toured those areas.  As we were just leaving the galley areas at that time, the guide made a joke that they were seeing if we had stolen any cookies.  Please don't be the person that asks "How are you going to detect cookies with a metal detector?"  Someone in our group was genuinely perplexed and annoyed by this process, and it had to be explained to them that they were not in fact looking for contraband cookies, but checking for weapons etc. prior to going in the engine control room and bridge.

I would take the tour again.

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I asked the same question a few months ago. It boiled down to how bad we wanted to see those parts of the ship. We both agreed we wanted to do it bad enough to spend the money so it's a done deal. If you don't do it you will have to depend on someone else's account of it.

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