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Nellie's beach cabanas

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Hi! We are cruising with RC for the first time in Oct. I was booking excursions and see that the cabanas are all booked. I called customer service and they suggested to either call back each day to check for a cancellation or to book the beach bed. Does anyone have experience with someone actually cancelling a cabana? (or am I hopeful wishing!!) Also does anyone know about the beds on Nellie's beach? I saw pics of the ones on adrenaline beach but none at Nellies. Thanks so much for any info!!

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I also do not recall seeing any beach beds at Nellie's Beach. Just chairs and umbrellas. I'm pretty sure it was just the over-the-water cabanas.

We too absolutely loved our cabana (NW4) and from these pics we took in the area and from the cabana you can kind of make out the actual beach...




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Never stayed in a cabana at Labadee but I am a big fan of the bungalos.  Just a suggestion if there are any available.  They are usually cheaper than a cabana, and (I think) are basically very similar.  Biggest difference is they are not quite as private, but I have never had an issue.    

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