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This is my first post and my first cruise as the person in charge! My boyfriend and I are on Freedom in late August and both of our birthdays will fall on nights while on board (5th and 7th). What does the MDR do for birthdays and how do I go about alerting them to our double celebration? Once on board? Or can I let dining know when I email RCCL for our MTD table reservation 20-ish days out? 

I haven't been on a cruise since HAL Oosterdam with my parents in college, and Sovereign waaayyy back in '98 as a 5th grader, so this time I am in charge of booking and scheduling! So excited to be on such a big ship.  Well, in comparison to the other two... I will have to work my way up to Oasis class. ? 

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Welcome to the boards!

Couple things you can do....

  1. Put down on your reservation notes for the cruise booking that it's both your birthdays. Your travel agent can do this, or if you booked direct with RC then you have to call to tell them.
  2. In terms of MDR, let the head waiter know ASAP.  They usually introduce themselves on first day, but you can always ask your MDR waiter to speak with him/her.
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