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Found 7 results

  1. So with the news of high case counts in FL AZ AND TX on Thursday one really has to be realistic here in how this relates to cruising. What we essentially have is asymptomatic spread from people who don't know they are carriers. And one really also has to wonder like I've said before...if the three major players want to undertake a risk of a startup even in October then risk a case or two thereby blowing up for them and causing a ton of negative publicity. Which is why I'm now as a Canadian looking in at the cases. Will we really see a decline in cases by September or even October.
  2. Interesting article here and it just goes to show that if such restrictions were implemented especially In the south and by the south I meant south of Canada aka the entire continental US...this could lead to a faster return to normalcy. From the AP and the situation In Australia...imagine if something like did were done in the continental US? IT would be tough but its measures like these that would curb spread... ----------------------- A "state of disaster" has been declared in Australia’s second most populous state, after health authorities recorded 671 new cases of c
  3. From cruise critic.... Starting on Tuesday, August 11 -- eight days from now -- the State of Alaska will begin requiring all non-resident travelers to take and pass a COVID-19 test within 72 hours before they arrive. Previously, the State of Alaska allowed travelers to be tested at the airport for COVID-19; to obtain a COVID-negative molecular PCR test up to five days prior to arrival; or to quarantine upon arrival. Those options will now be eliminated as of August 11. The new regulations now mandate that the only way
  4. One of Southeast Asia's leading cruise lines and a subsidiary of NCL... just saw their website and saw how detailed their safety plan for passengers is in light of covid. Not sure if they have resumed service or not. https://media.starcruises.com/Content/media/webpages/health-advisory-updates/en/index.html
  5. Anyone else crazy excited for the first live blog once cruising returns? I feel like it may be the most read blog ever!!
  6. Be careful booking a future cruise... Why? The cruise lines are hemorrhaging cash. RCL has 61 ships floating around ports. Cruise lines and cruise ships are in survival mode. The CDC can extend the ban on cruise departures from US ports indefinitely (beyond) the end of July 2020. All Business Interruption and Liability coverage on the ships (including reinsurance) have broader carve outs for infectious diseases beyond the current exclusions. Countries outside of the US may not permit cruise ships to dock, which is currently the situation in the Caribbean and Latin Am
  7. I'm certainly not trying to start a fight, but I'm interested at when people think we are likely to be able to resume cruise vacations?? ( and please everyone remember this is just peoples opinions or guesses....stay nice! Lol)
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