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Found 6 results

  1. So with the news of high case counts in FL AZ AND TX on Thursday one really has to be realistic here in how this relates to cruising. What we essentially have is asymptomatic spread from people who don't know they are carriers. And one really also has to wonder like I've said before...if the three major players want to undertake a risk of a startup even in October then risk a case or two thereby blowing up for them and causing a ton of negative publicity. Which is why I'm now as a Canadian looking in at the cases. Will we really see a decline in cases by September or even October. We have a fraction of the cases here in Canada compared to the US. SO With marathons being cancelled, classes in some states being moved online and no at capacity fans at sporting events for the foreseeable future despite pro sports resuming technically in a month... (which is also up in the air at this point) and word that the Canada US land border will probably extent closure thru summer and into September realistically (double standard as the air border remains open etween us though most infrequent travelers do not know about this loophole)... its hard to fathom how any cruise lines would even undertake the risk. Cruise capital South Florida will continue to have cases and with cruise makers flying in from various states it's all realistically going to probably be an additional global suspension. A travel agent source I called to inquire about booking some additional cabins for guests to come with me on the MARINER sailing in Nov (apparently TA's get group rates at a better discount) advised it's best to hold off booking anything with a departure date before APR 2021. So at this point as a realistic Canadian looking at this... I'm leaning towards the big three players not starting up or at least willing to take the risks to go out to sea in this climate. What do others think? And even then I'm sure the same goes for the US guests as well... all travel insurance carriers will not insure for anything related to covid as part of the medical premium. Its classified as a known event. I'd be very surprised if my mid NOV MARINER goes ahead. Much less the impending second wave which technically already seems to be working it's way across the south.
  2. Just received my cruise planner refunds today. Thanks to RSS escalations I got my refunds in under two weeks. The biggest hurdle normally is when the request is made by he RCL agent in the system to how long it takes the request to get to accounting. Normally once biggest to accounting the Dispersal takes 2 days or so. Noticed i also got an untraceable extra $30 refund that RCL accounting may have inadvertently doled out. I track all my refunds on a spreadsheet and all my refunds are the exact denominations I pay but for some reason theres an overage bonus of $30. I've gone thru everything with a fine tooth comb and everything from taxes to deposit is accounted for. Has anyone ever gotten more than what they were supposed to get? RCL advised that all refunds had been dispersed and they verbally confirmed all amounts are complete and dispersed and they confirmed there was nothing with a denomination if $30. Also called my CC company and they advised once a merchant posts a refund even if it's a refund in error the merchant cannot take that BONUS back as that would then become a unauthorized charge. Some background...I think they may have inadvertently refunded partial taxes from the original first wave in April. But again all my four cancelled cruises this year are all fully accounted for so this appears to be a $30 error on the part of their accounting. So it looks like due to an accounting error I just got an extra $30 dispersed which I was unable to trace since everything else adds up. Anyone else have something like this happen?
  3. I'd be more leaning towards a November start date in all likelihood as we all know Sept 15 is a moving target. October might be hit and miss depending how things go. Both NCL and CCL while set for Oct 1 are non committed either. And with cases spiking in southern florida I'd be surprised if anything resumed promptly on Sept 15. Even if HYPOTHETICALLY they resumed Sept 15 it obviously would be a phased start meaning there'd be more inevitable cancellations down the road by late summer for ships that are not part of this phased start. So there WILL be more cancellations I'm assuming by August though unsure if it will be fleet wide or certain ships. I myself am on MARINER in mid November. so its not a matter of if but WHEN RCL will announce its next set of cancellations whether it be fleet wide or due to a phased restart. Probably by early August I hope.
  4. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-extends-cruise-cancellation-compensation-period/or Hope Rcl follows suit.
  5. Our 2020 cruise on our beloved Oasis of the Seas got chartered so we are booted off our ship plans for 2020. We have cruised 3 times, always on larger ships. I love Central Park! I wonder if this cancellation is an opportunity to choose a smaller ship with more varied ports. Which ones are still beautiful and not dated that you could recommend? We are in our 60s with no kids. We don't need flow rider or slides or kids club etc.
  6. We were inadvertently scheduled for the August 16, 2015 departure but need to be on the August 9, 2015 departure in order to be with the rest of the family. The August 9, 2015 departure is full and Royal Caribbean is telling us to continue to call back in case there is a cancellation. If anyone has the opposite problem (is booked for August 9 but wants to depart August 16), I would like to mutually contact Royal Caribbean and try to switch. I am willing to pay for a new reservation if I can find an opening. We only need one room (for two people) on the August 9, 2015 sailing date from Barcelona. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or wants to try and swap, let me know. Email = [email protected] Thanks, James
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