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  1. Thanks for your messages! Yes, Royal Caribbean has told me to keep checking-back for a cancellations. The customer service people also suggested showing up at the pier on August 9; it might be possible to get on the ship at the pier. Since we are all going to be in Barcelona for the weekend anyway, we will show-up on the pier and see what happens. We can't make the August 16-23 dates (the cruise we are actually booked on), so we will probably end-up forfeiting that reservation regardless of whether we get on the August 9 departure. If we don't get on the ship, we will enjoy a week in Spain.
  2. Yes, we have been talking to them. I agree, I don't think they will allow us to switch "for free," We would probably need to forfeit the original payment and pay for the new reservation. The problem is that the ship is full (it's full every week in August). The only way we can get on the August 9 departure is to find someone who will cancel their reservation because they want to be on the August 16 departure. If we mutually contact RCI, I think it would work. I will continue to call RCI in hopes that they will tell me if something becomes available. I have asked them if I can be on a "wait list," but they say it does not exist. I have also asked them to let me know when they have a cancellation but they said they do not provide such a service. I am certain that there will be last-minute cancellations (it is statistically impossible that all 5000 people will make it to the cruise)--I just don't know how to get one of the cancelled rooms unless I personally find someone willing to cancel. Any suggestion or thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  3. We were inadvertently scheduled for the August 16, 2015 departure but need to be on the August 9, 2015 departure in order to be with the rest of the family. The August 9, 2015 departure is full and Royal Caribbean is telling us to continue to call back in case there is a cancellation. If anyone has the opposite problem (is booked for August 9 but wants to depart August 16), I would like to mutually contact Royal Caribbean and try to switch. I am willing to pay for a new reservation if I can find an opening. We only need one room (for two people) on the August 9, 2015 sailing date from Barcelona. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or wants to try and swap, let me know. Email = [email protected] Thanks, James
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