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Found 5 results

  1. Just booked this holiday cruise at a remarkably low cost! TA says it's filling up very quickly already even though it's almost two years away. This will be our first time cruising during the holiday and we're really looking forward to it. Amy (and Frank)
  2. Did Voyager loose the steam rooms and sauna as well as the big hot tub in the Vitality Spa after her amplification?
  3. Hello! I'm new to this forum. I've got plans to take a 5-day Caribbean cruise with my grandmother on December '22 aboard Voyager Of The Seas, this would be our first time traveling by ourselves (we usually go with seasoned travelers but they've all refused to go because of the pandemic) so we're kind of on our own and I have some questions that I'd like to list out, hopefully I'll get some answers to appease my nervousness. Thank you in advanced. How does an onboard spending account work? Is $400 for the entire trip enough or should I deposit more? Should I use cash to open the onboard spending account? Are drink packages worth it despite the price? How much cash should I bring to spend onshore? Any tips and tricks for a first time traveler to be well prepared will also be greatly appreciated. I'm very excited and nervous for this trip!
  4. My adult daughter and a friend have decided to join us on an upcoming cruise from Sydney on Voyager of the Seas, but they will be arriving at the Port at different times due to being on different flights. As they are sharing a cabin, will they need to arrive at the Port and check-in together or can they check-in separately. Thanks
  5. First I would like to apologize ahead of time for some English spelling /grammar error I might do during this blog (and I will, promise you) as English not my first language. After the excuses, I can start, I am going to write this live blog which will cover a south Asia cruise since first I did not found too many blogs over this area and second I want to give something back to this wonderful site which I found to be very helpful , entertaining and most important very positive (comparing to many other site (which its name would not be spoken) that I found focusing on complains). The cruise which we are going to attend is 10 (well almost 10 ,I will explain shortly) days cruise from Honk Kong to Singapore on the Voyager of the seas. Here is the itinerary: 08 - October Hong Kong 11:59 PM 09-October Cruising 10-October Kaohsiung, Taiwan 11-October Cruising 12-October Cruising 13-Octover Nah Trang , Vietnam 14-October Hue/Danang , Vietnam 15-October Cruising 16- October Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 17-October Cruising As you can see the embarkation is to 23:59 as the ship will arrive (without passenger) from mainland China. Now I hope that we will really set sail at the designated time and the 11:59 PM is not just so RLC will not need to change the name of the cruise to 9 days Hong Kong to Singapore … One can ask himself why I am starting this live blog a week before the start date ? well I have two good answers: 1. For me starting this blog now it also a commitment that I will need to update it and planning is almost 50% of the fun in cruises (quoting better than me) 2. We are actually starting the vacation few days before by flying first to Thailand and to be able and catch this flight I first need to come back from a business trip. For some reasons like the fact that my work colleges ask nicely, the customer insist and the most important somehow I need to pay for the cruises I found myself in this business trip which will finish few hours before my vacation starts. There is just a small problem, while the vacation starts in Thailand the business trip is to one of the south American countries which its name will not be reveled but let’s just say they have very good ceviche’s, they really like Llamas/Alpacas and if you will tell them that the original Pisco sour was invited in Chile they can get very offended. The plan itself is very simple (at least that is what I tried to convince myself with) , I finish what I need to finish , start to fly around the world with some connections, land at night at my home town just to take the vacation flight 5.5 hours later. I do hide one card in my sleeve, the same aircraft which will I take for my last connection is exactly the one I am going to take for my vacation (yes another connection) so if the last connection will be delayed also the next flight will. So you see it is very solid plan (it’s not) which I covered any problem that may pop (I did not) but hey, it makes live more interesting and if I will make it on time a very good story to tell. I have also created plan B if I will miss one of the connection and this is mainly to cry to my travel agent and beg her to find me an alternative route (One must love plan B) Now, you might ask why not to save some time and instead of flying to my home town and back to the connection point just stay at the connection airport and go from there (after meeting my belter half) ? Well apparently the gods of the airlines will not let you do something which actually make sense, you see I booked my vacation flights using award miles and while I could find the flights starting from my hometown going via the connection airport I could not find the same flight going directly from the connection airport plus if I would find it would cost more miles. I gave up on trying and understand the way the airlines works, so here we are. The good news is while I am written this I am already started my trip back , so currently I am in the airline lounge waiting for my next connection which appear to be on time. I promise to continue and update. For now , just so it will not be too boring I am adding pictures for one of the main reason I agreed to take the business trip:
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