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Found 9 results

  1. We have 6 people in our group. 2 of us like sushi the rest don’t. We all have the unlimited dining package. Does anyone know if you can get sushi from Izumi to go by calling in an order or going to the restaurant to order so you can take it to the pool deck? Asking because the last time we were on the ship Izumi was constantly booked full and we couldn’t get a seat but we want sushi. It’s an odd request but I thought maybe someone has tried.
  2. We will be sailing on Harmony on Feb 18th 2023. We have purchased the unlimited dining package. Looking forward to dining at Wonderland. Is this including in the Unlimited Dining Package in any way? Is there a credit like Izumi? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello I am going on the Ovation for an Alaska cruise Sept 12, 2022. I have purchased the unlimited dining package for myself and my SO. I have cruised before but have never used the dining package. I am wondering how it actually works? Can you reserve more than one specialty restaurant per day? For example if I wanted to go to Izumi for lunch then Chops for dinner? Or is it exclusively one restaurant per day? Could I get something from FISH & SHIPS then make a reservation for Jaime's later on etc? At Izumi if I want to order another food item over my $35.00 limit would I just pay the difference out of pocket? If someone could help answer all my questions I would really appreciate it.
  4. Hi all! I've tried to confirm this, but I"m not asking search the right way... If I purchase the unlimited dining package for my anthem cruise, does the $35 a la carte credit cover things like the upcharge desserts at La Patisserie? Thanks!! mp
  5. Can anyone tell me how this works with the Unlimited Dining Package on Navigator? Is there hours (such as only evening meal) that it works? Are there any restaurants that we can't go to including getting the $35 credit (Playmakers, Johnny Rockets ect.) it states you get at the ala carte restaurants? We thought we had this purchased with our travel agent but through a misunderstanding we did not get it. The other people in our party are confused so I would just like a definitive answer to tell them from someone who has had it on our specific ship.
  6. I am sailing on Symphony of the Seas in February, and I am thinking about buying the Unlimited Dining Package. Has anyone bought the package and had issues with finding reservations around 6:00-6:30? These are the ideal times for our group, as we plan to catch the 8:30 shows. Also, does it include Izumi Hibachi? Thank you! ?
  7. I will be on Enchantment of the Seas sailing out Nov. 29, 2019.There will be 5 total in our party. We have the unlimited dining package, but looking at the Main Dining Room, it seems there are way more choices on their menu. I also see they have premium selections. If we were to eat at the Main Dinning Room, will my unlimited dinning package allow us to select from the premium choices, or will we still have to pay the listed price, or a discounted price? If discounted what would that charge be? I am debating on if we need to keep the package. I know in the MDR you are allowed to try multiple things on the menu, where Chops is basically one item per course. I am currently in at $118 per person for a 5 night cruise which seems like a great price, but $118 spent in the MDR might go farther than at Chops. Thoughts? Thanks for your help.
  8. Pull the trigger today on the Ultimate Dining Package $199/pp 7 nights or wait until tomorrow for the Unlimited Dining Package?
  9. The title to this post should give a hint of what to expect and why I figured this section is a better venue. Ultimately, it is my unlimited attempt at running a dedicated LIVEish about the UDP. The goal really being a running dialogue on how Unlimited the Unlimited Dining Package really is. I'm also open to asking and answering any questions. Just keep in mind this is a snippet on the grand scheme of things, one week on one ship. So keep in mind, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Haven't really developed a dinner plan yet, staying in a Junior Suite so I'm part of #teamCK traditionally the first and last night. Lunch when boarding will be a strong chance at Playmakers. Seeing it was explicitly stated in an email when the package name changed. With three sea days I'll have plenty of traditional lunch location chances. I'll also be invading the Live(ish) @Skid is running:
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