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Found 5 results

  1. We are cruising on the Harmony on August 4th. Myself, husband and 12 & 13 year old. I have several questions I'm having a hard time finding answers to.... please help if you can ? 1. Communication? We can't afford the VOOM package for all four of us but we have to communicate with the kids. Most are saying the texting doesn't work well on the new app. We have android so can't try the "free" iphone hack. If the app doesn't give you a notification of a message how is that even helpful? Isn't the best part of cruising NOT checking your phone every five minutes ? 2. Photo Package? We've had good and bad experiences with ship photographers. I don't want to buy the package for digital prints before we go in case we don' t have many good ones. However, the price is totally worth it compared to hiring a photographer here at home. Can we purchase at the end of the cruise and if so, is it less expensive? 3. "Teen" activities? I'm hearing many people mention the teen activities end up being all together and not separated between 12-14 and 15-17. My newly 12 year old is not ready for, nor has any interest in hanging out around 17 year olds. Anyone have experience with that? This is our first trip without the kids in the "Kids" club. 4. App schedule? Your experience with the app... So far our dinner and show reservations are accurate on the app. Many have mentioned the on board activities in the cruise compass do not align with the app. What was your experience? And, once on board and we "add them to our calendar" will they show up on our personal calendar similar to our dining reservation? 5. Clothes? Any tips on getting very active teens to dress nicely? They only wear t-shirts and athletic shorts without argument. I can get my son to wear "golf" shirts but still with athletic shorts ? 6. Themes? Are there theme nights we really need to prepare for? Any other tips greatly appreciated. We aren't new to this but new to teens and a giant boat!!!
  2. Hi - We are new to RC and have really appreciated all the detailed information this blog provides! We plan to cruise the Oasis of the Seas in March with two, 16 year old girls. I'm looking for a teen version of the Compass to get a feel for their activities. Thank you!
  3. We are traveling on our first Royal Caribbean cruise this August and wanted to know how most cruisers stay connected between family members onboard. We have my whole extended family traveling so we have a total of 5 rooms on 3 different decks (2, 6, and 9). Our teens are on Deck 2 and we are on Deck 9. I am guessing the only way to text each other to coordinate meeting places and times is by buying the internet packages - is this correct? I was hoping to have my teens off their social media and not have wifi but then we won't be able to connect with each other onboard. How do other families handle this?
  4. We're going on our first RC cruise in August. We've got two state rooms right across from each other. My hubby and I like the idea of having privacy away from our teenagers, but for booking purposes I had to book my hubby and son in one room and my daughter and me in the other room. Can we still get access to both rooms with our room keys? Any other suggestions for traveling with teens?
  5. Going on a cruise in November with my two sons. When I researched and purchased the cruise I thought some of the teen activities would be fun for my sons. However, it just hit me that my oldest son will turn 18 before we cruise, though he is still a senior in high school. Is RC really strict about the 12-17 policy, or will they let an 18 yr old high school sr. participate in those activities (or access those areas ....like the game room)?
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