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Found 6 results

  1. I have a few questions about the specialty dining on our Oasis cruise in June. As of now I haven't purchased any dining plans (the only extra we have purchased is the refreshment package), but trying to figure out if it would be beneficial or not. We aren't foodies so I think we'd be fine eating at the MDR. However, I know we will be visiting the BBQ because DS is a huge bbq lover, and probably Playmakers, and the kids love hibachi and Italian. So knowing that, it may be about the same price to get the 3 night dining package. With the 3 night package, do you have to go at dinner or can you go at lunch time? Or with the UDP can you visit lunch and dinner? Also, I have two kids under 5 (and a 13 yr old). How does that work with the specialty dining? I see in the small print it in the dining packages it says that children 0-5 are complimentary if they eat off of the kids menu. Is that true with any of the specialty restaurants? If I get dining packages, would I just get them for the 3 adults? How would that work with reservations - would we make a reservation for all 5 of us and then the two little ones wouldn't be charged? Just trying to get everything straight so I have an idea of what to do before I get there! Thanks!!
  2. I have read a few times here that Royal will try and drum up business for its specialty restaurants while you're on board and offer discounts to get you in the door. I am looking at Sabor for 1 night (on Freedom) and it's currently priced at $25pp. As a native San Diegan, $50 for a 2 person Mexican meal seems very steep.. sure, I could spend that much for one meal in SD but for that price it would've included at least 4 margaritas. I suppose with my DBP that our margaritas would be covered but as they're not technically factoring in to the $50 meal price I am questioning purchasing. How often will Royal advertise specialty discounts once on board? Is $25 the lowest I am likely to see for Sabor?
  3. Hi again folks, What are your top picks for specialty dining? Any input will be great...maybe rank venues from best to worst (although it sounds like Sorrento's has a lock on that). Also would like to hear about that favorite dish you absolutely must have when on board. Thanks, Jane
  4. We are booked on a 14 night New Zealand cruise in January on Radiance, and would like to dine at Specialty restaurants 4 nights. There is a considerable saving to be had booking the 4 Night Dining Package vs booking each individually, but you only get to choose a time for day 1 or 2. We will be travelling with our kids (who do well dining at nice restaurants), so would ideally like to be eating early - around 6pm. Does anyone have any experience on how difficult it is to book specific times once onboard? I'm hoping that over the 14 nights we would be able to find suitable times for the other 3 meals - but would we be better biting the bullet and booking them all at full price?
  5. I will be sailing on Voyager of the Seas on April 16th from Sydney-Singapore, when can I book the 3 or more nights dining package?
  6. Thought it would be good to see what your all time top 5 restaurants are past and present and maybe over time we might see an overall clear favourite. As we only cruised with RC for the first time last year we can only list our choice from the Independence but that will change over time as we sail on more ships. 1) Chops Grille 2) Giovanni's Table 3) Windjammer 4) MDR 5) Johnny Rockets BON APPETIT :D :)
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