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Found 5 results

  1. Tried to search, but couldn't get the results refined enough to find if this had been asked before. If you have the Deluxe Beverage Package, does each alcoholic drink you order show up on your Seapass account, just at $0.00? (I understand if the drink is over $13 there would be a charge for the drink.) The end game would be to see how many total drinks were ordered at the end of the week. Thanks, Matt
  2. My wife and I are taking a family cruise with our 2 teens (ages 18 and 14) on the 8-night Mariner of the Seas departing this June 26. We booked 1 balcony and 1 interior cabins. Cabins are close, but of course not connecting. Because of our kids age, as you know, my wife and me had to split: me with one and wife with the other. But l, obviously that's not how we are going to occupied them. Questions: Are going to play musical Sea Pass card all cruise? I mean, passing the cards around every time one of them wants to go to their cabin? Can RCI make us a copy without invalidating the originals? Bear in mind, we purchase ultimate drinks package for us, and refreshments packages for them. So we will be asking for our cards every time we want a drink, and hear it got left in the cabin, or the classic "I don't know, just gave it to you".
  3. Let me start by thanking everyone for the tons of information that have helped my wife and I every time we cruise (4 times now - all with RC) ... We're getting ready to cruise as a family for the first time (us 2 and our 3 daughters - 14, 12 & 7). After setting our account to a CC during check in, I know that every member of the family will get a seapass card. I know how the charging works for us, but can somebody shed some light regarding how the charges work regarding stuff that my daughters want to pay for? Let's say, they're on their own and they want to buy something. Will it be open for them to charge anything on the ship? can I set a limit for each card? kind of like an allowance for each of them?
  4. I am going on RC’s Harmony in 18 days and I have watched a lot of YouTube videos where people have the wow bands and use the band in place/in addition to using their sea pass card. I know that the wow bands can be used with your sea pass card and I am considering purchasing 1 for me & 1 for my mom, but I would like to know what the opinions of others are who the wow bands are if you have used them before and if they would be easier to use then the sea pass card. Please tell me the difference between using wow bands VS. using sea pass card.
  5. Hello, Going on a cruise soon! In May 2018. So excited but a Little confused on how the on board expense account works. In particular I would like to know if they put a hold on the credit card in the beginnng of the cruise or is the hold as u spend? Also any insight into on board expense account and anything u think I should know before cruising would be appreciated.
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