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Found 6 results

  1. So I added the unlimited alcoholic drink package and a "Chops + 1" dining package on the royal caribbean website and left them in my shopping cart. When I added them to my cart, they had a discounted price. I actually didn't end up purchasing them and they are still in my cart at the "discounted" price, but the alcoholic package is more expensive right now. Does anybody know if I continue to check out if it will go to the discounted price when I added it to my cart or the "current" price advertised on the site? This may be a nice hack to at least add the items to your shopping cart to do like a soft "lock" on the price if you can't afford to pay right at that moment. Does anybody have any experience with this?
  2. I want to give everyone a heads up. Back on June 17 and 18th, my family of 6 were getting their pre-cruise Covid tests. Our cruise was on June 19th. Most of my family had issues. One sister elected to get the a lab test on June 17th, the one that takes 24-48 hours. Why the full blown test? I don't know why but that is what she thought she needed. But she started to worry so she went to CVS for a second lab test. Yes. Another 24-48 hour test. It was a good thing that she did because she never got the results from the first test. These tests were taken in PA. My husband and I went to our NH Walgreen for a rapid NAAT test on Friday morning. We were supposed to get our test results in 2 to 4 hours. No such luck. It was only after 12 hours and after our flight to FL that we had received our test results. My second sister and her husband went to Walgreen in Florida on the morning of June 18th for their rapid NAAT tests. They never received their results. They ended up spending $100 EACH for a rapid test at the Royal Caribbean terminal. The crew wanted my sister to wait for her original results. Fortunately, she asked to be given the new tests since she NEVER received the first results. She was about 2 hours delayed in boarding. She had an 11 am boarding times. My brother from Vegas was the only one who did not have a problem. Talk about pressure! I hope our experience is a one off problem and no one else runs into these problems.
  3. Not being able to cruise this year made me realize we missed out on our pre-cruise tradition and it's something I really look forward to. Within two weeks of the sailing my wife and I watch Titanic. It started the night before our first cruise, in the hotel with not much to do and Titanic was on, so being the last movie someone would watch the night before their first cruise, we watched it; that was also the first time I've ever seen it (well, most of anyway since we tuned in after it started). Needless to say, I enjoyed the movie and wanted to see it again from the beginning. When our second cruise came around a few months later I joked "we should watch Titanic again before we sail", well the joke turned into reality. It has become such a tradition that in September 2019 we hosted a Titanic Movie Party for a bunch of our friends joining us on the cruise. Hopefully I get to see the Titanic in September 2021 :). What's your pre-cruise tradition?
  4. Hi, I have blocked 2 hotels in Fort Lauderdale pre-cruise and would like some feedback about them. One of them is Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Boulevard and the other is the Holiday Inn Express Fort Lauderdale - Cruise Airport on 17th Street Causeway. Tell me which would be your preferred hotel for a 2 nights pre-cruise stay and why ? TIA
  5. Hi folks, Looking for advice on a pre-cruise hotel in Fort Lauderdale for a May 2018 sailing on Harmony. Any input on quality of rooms, restaurants, pool, beach access, shuttle service to port, etc. would be helpful. Thanks
  6. Hello all! I know this may have been asked ad nauseum so mea culpa in advance. My wife and I will be taking a cruise on the Enchantment this October out of Miami. It will our first time out of PoM. As such I wanted to find a nice boutique hotel for the evening before embarkation. I have a couple of major hotels in mind but wanted something kind of cool and hip. ALSO I've wondered about renting a car. PoM (if my homework is correct) is not like PC in that we can rent a car at MCO and return it near the port. So my question is this: how does one rent a car and return it on embarkation day? Or is it even worth it if we are only going to be there for a day? I do not know how spread out Miami is or if cab/shuttle fares are reasonable. Thanks in advance.
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