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Found 6 results

  1. This will be our 3rd time on MOTS, but our first time in Jamaica or Labadee. 20 Days to go!!!!
  2. Flying through MCO in a few weeks after the cruise. I've heard that you can make reservations to go through security at a certain time. If this is the case, is this highly recommended? Does it matter if I have TSA PreCheck? I've read the web site but am still a bit unsure. Many thanks for your information!
  3. Just wondering has anyone here by any chance got a shared shuttle before from any universal hotel Orlando to port canaveral to get to the ship. Trying to find something online and no luck
  4. Hey guys! I thought I would add this because many folks like to bundle their Orlando theme park stay with a cruise from Port Canaveral, so consider this a "Cruise Adjacent Topic". So since this is the "Other Travel" forum ...here we go. Once upon a time, back before the pandemic and even before. When Walt Disney World actually made it sort of worth staying on property. Remember those halcyon days? When you could have Magic Express whisk you away from MCO to your Disney World resort as a part of your package for no added cost? When you could have the Disney Dining Plan for the sheer convivence? When parking for onsite resort guest who had driven in or rented a car was free? And the Extra Magic Hours back in the day. One of the four parks would open an hour early and stay open late for resort guests. What do you get now? Well, they let you in the parks a half hour before the great unwashed plebes who stay offsite get to rush in. A half hour. Thanks. Listen, I get the draw of staying onsite. I do. I remember when we got all these benefits and it was actually something I was willing to pay for. I can stay in a 3-bedroom condo with a full kitchen, 2-1/2 baths, a washer and dryer for the same price or less than those Motel 6s with theming they call the Value Resorts. (Ok, Pop is cool with the Skyliner but still...) The last three visits to Walt Disney World, we have stayed in the same condos, off property, and not felt any lessening of the "Disney Magic". Disney has been eating away at the little perks they used to offer onsite guests to the point where, to me anyway, it is no longer "special enough" to justify the expense of paying to stay onsite. So, my RC cruisers who also are Disney fans, what say you? Later Taters, Butch
  5. Where do you recommend a person stay the night before a cruise departing from the Miami port?
  6. Hello, My boyfriend and I are going on a RC cruise in May 2018 to the Bahamas on Adventure of the Seas. One of the ports is Orlando Florida. My question is: would we be close enough to visit The Hard Rock Cafe while in port from 12 am to 9 pm.? We are casino fanatics and would like to go there on our own accord, not with a private journey. Any thoughts and/or info would be greatly appreciated.
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