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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Anyone know when we can expect health and safety protocols for 2022 sailings departing from Europe.? Any hope we can drop using masks on cruises this summer, as many european country`s now are startin lift all/ ease covid restrictions.?
  2. I saw something disgusting last night, in the elevator. A young gentleman, in his 20s (I am guessing) not only couldn't manage to put his mask over his mouth or nose, but was sucking on his key card! (I mean it was all the way in and out of his mouth, like a lollipop.) I could only watch in horror, thinking about the poor unsuspecting staff member who may touch it next! If that guy doesn't care about his health, that is one thing, but to endanger an innocent person who may touch it and get sick (a cold or anything that can be passed by saliva) is another issue all together! No hand sanitizer will help in this case!
  3. I have read on rcl website that masks are not required in fitness classes because the mask is liable to get wet? But customer service says you have to wear a mask during fitness classes but she also said things change. So whom do I believe the website or the rcl rep? Does anyone have any experience with this?
  4. I am not going to sugar coat anything. I am here on the Symphony of the Seas, for my 3rd week, with three (3) more to go! The ship is beautiful and for the most part, staff & guests wear masks. However, there are occassional anti-maskers who would rather fight than mask up! Staff always thank me, after I try to nicely ask guests when they are violating my space, especial when I am eating or trying to board an elevator. But there were a couple of close calls. One big guy at the Spa found it important to yell at me after I asked him to mask his 2 year old where I was eating in the Vitality Cafe. He screamed at me to stay inside my cabin and to have a kid! Which made me realize the poor guy was probably pretty stressed on his vacation & he thought I should be punished too. (?). Another time a young girl with a hot boyfriend walked past me while I was talking in the Art Gallery about a painting and I looked her way & laughed as we noticed her wearing her mask on her chin. The curator walked over to her & asked her to put her mask on and with that, she ran over to me, screaming that I could have asked her to wear her mask. I informed her that I wasn't her babysitter and to just "wear your mask" and suddenly her boyfriend was holding her back while she squirmed and looked as if she wanted to fight me. I just laughed. She was obviously drunk and couldn't read me properly, cuz I don't play. She tried coming back at me and her best shot was walking passed me, minutes later, blowing her nose in the air with no hanky. Classy!!! LoL (Coincidentally, it was Formal Night.). I wonder if she kisses her boyfriend with that nasty mouth?!) Should we talk about the casino now?! They have a new pilot program. Regular gamblers may not care or notice, but high rollers may be or will get pissed off. I have addressed this several times over 3 weeks and FINALLY believe I have the full scoop, although they say NOTHING is in writing, but that their rules & promotions can change at any time! Sure, change, but give me what you have NOW, in WRITING!!! (Nope, they won't!) Let me know, if you would like the scoop on what I learned from MY mistake!!!
  5. Hi all, my wife and I are boarding the Symphony of the Seas in September and she's curious how the spa services are run currently. Is the spa open for both vaccinated and unvaccinated cruisers? Are masks fully required for both employees and customers inside the spa and while during services? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi! Have been stalking for a bit, first time poster :). We are scheduled on Allure for July 25th in a Grand Suite 2 bedroom. I'm remaining hopeful that we'll actually sail but I'm considering my options for dining, as I don't see the point in dealing with the mask wearing in between bites when I have my own awesome table on my own awesome balcony. Will I be able to get take out from the specialty restaurants and bring it back to my room? If so, do I need to reserve this or can I just call down and order and then pick it up later? Or do I have to order in person? Can I do unlimited orders from each restaurant to bring back to my room to have a huge feast? Can I also order take out from CK? I will miss being served by wait staff, but it's worth it to avoid the awkwardness of masks while dining (unless they move a lot of their dining outdoors, then I'd opt for that.) Thanks for your feedback!!
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