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Found 5 results

  1. Are you able to purchase a couple 3 day dining packages within the same cruise? My husband and I will be doing an 8 night cruise coming up but the unlimited dining package seems too much as we won’t utilize it all 8 nights and we don’t have the desire to use it for lunch on sea days. However we think 6 nights of it would be nice and don’t want to spend all the money on individual reservations. So would we both be able to buy two 3 day dining packages? Thank you for any info!!
  2. For those of you in the UK this is on Channel 5 tonight and next Friday https://travelweekly.co.uk/news/cruise/royal-caribbean-ship-to-appear-on-channel-5-cruise-programme
  3. Going on Harmony in 10 Days! Want to find out where we can watch Sunday and Monday NFL games? There is no Playmakers on Harmony. Thanks
  4. We will be sailing on Harmony of the Seas soon and I'm wondering if anyone has a recent itinerary they can share for any special events we may need to prepare for? Also any reviews on recent experiences with any of the extra excursions or restaurants we plan to try? We plan to try Wonderland for the first time so if anyone has eaten there recently, how was that? We also plan to try Jamie's and Izumi. Our shore excursions will consist of a beach bed on South Beach in CocoCay, Sea Trek in Cozumel as well as the all inclusive dolphin and manatee experience, and the monkey, sloth, and iguana interaction on Roatan. We plan to just explore the port in Costa Maya I believe. Any feed back I can get would be a huge help.
  5. Starting August 3 Netflix airs their original movie Like Father starring Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer and Seth Rogen. Personally we are not Seth Rogen fans, but do like Kristen Bell. We have never sailed Harmony so for that reason alone, we'll watch it. https://www.netflix.com/title/80174897 https://youtu.be/_bfqsNh6U7c
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