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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I have recently been looking into the various Credit Card / OBC / Stocks / Casino Rewards (other?) options offered by Royal / Celebrity. What is the most useful option or combination of programs to earn discounts/ credits / and the illusive 'Free Cruise'? May your ship lead you to warm sands, TwoCanSailAway
  2. Hey, I have a question that I was hoping someone could answer. I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten a free upgrade from Royal Caribbean. See, I know this sounds weird because nothing in life is free, but me and my boyfriend are going on our second Royal Caribbean cruise together and since we are still young in our early 20’s we booked the cheapest room possible. We booked a guaranteed interior room, hence an interior room and they can put us wherever they want. Though, just yesterday I received our cruise documents that had our room number on it. I looked up the room on Royal Caribbeans deck plans for our ship, Navigator of the Seas, and our room is a Promenade View Interior, which is an upgrade from regular interior. We had no other charges put through our cards, and I know it is not based on a RoyalUp bid because RoyalUp sent me an email stating “the changes in my reservation have allowed me to bid on more rooms, and my previous bids have all been cancelled”. So, my question is has this happened to anyone else? Do I question it? Is it just luck?
  3. While in Cozumel, we are wanting to lay on a beach for awhile but do NOT want to pay for an all inclusive beach experience...we'll also be doing some walking around and shopping. Are there any "free" or public beaches that we don't have to pay a cover charge?
  4. We are cruising to Cuba next month. Since Empress is a tiny little lady we've been reading as much as possible from other folks who have sailed on her recently. Question. I saw on the RCI website that Empress offers "free Sunday brunch" everyday? Where is this onboard each day? Also, it stated that breakfast, lunch, and dinner was complimentary/free in the MDR? Is that true? See below: Enjoy complimentary multi-course dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Main Dining room. Choose to dine in our pre-determined seating or at your own time. Sunday Brunch every day with a complimentary Mimosa or Bloody Mary.
  5. So my question is, what is actually free in regards to food or anything liquid you consume? Is the tap water on the ship revolting? Should I even purchase the Evian bottled water? What food is actually free? (I'm aware there are specialty dining that are at additional cost) Is the captains dinner, fancy dining room free? I am purchasing the soda package, will i be charged for orange juice or black coffee in the morning during room service or on the main cafe? Sorry to bombard with so many questions, i've only ever cruised on a Carnival ship 9 years ago... And it feels like Royal Caribbean wants to bleed me dry of my money when they already charge a hefty amount for the cruise itself. :unsure: Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all. I am a newbie to Royal Caribbean and have only been on one other cruise in my life over a decade ago. We will be traveling on Allure of the Seas in about a month. One of the things my husband and I loved from our previous cruise was the free sushi they would bring out at a certain time every day. Boy, once we realized that schedule, we tried to be there each day! It's our favorite. Now my kids are going with us and they love sushi just as much as we do. I definitely know about the Izumi restaurant and it's offerings. I was wondering if there is a spot/restaurant for free sushi on board in addition to the restaurant with a charge? Thanks so much for your help!
  7. First cruiser here going to St Maarten, is there beach access without having to sign up and pay and stand in line waiting for a tour? I've signed up for that in Bahamas and St Thomas. Can I stroll off the boat in St Maarten and find a beautiful beach on my own without having to go in a large group for a designated time etc? I'd like more freedom on St Maarten but don't want to miss a beach experience.
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