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Found 4 results

  1. According to CheapAir.com this is the best time to book/purchase international flights. (2022 study) What do you think? CheapAir Survey
  2. On this, my first cruise with Royal, I did flights through A2S. I know folks here prefer travel advisors and that's who I'm using on my booked second trip (Though even she said she likes A2S). Anyway, everything communication I get from A2S is perfect. However when I recently went to United Airline's website and put in our information, it combined everyone's first and middle names together. Example: Instead of Smith, John Quinten, on UA's website it would read Smith, Johnquinten. Is this the kind of thing I need to contact A2S over because it will cause a huge issue on the morning of our flight?
  3. Is there any place on the ships that would have "free internet" where you can check in for your flight the day before flying? I wasn't sure if the terminals in the library/gameroom/internet room had the ability like many hotels do to check in and print boarding passes. Not looking to print the boarding pass, but just want to check in for our Southwest flights. If there isn't then we will just add early bird to the flights coming home and be done with it. We don't want/need any VOOM package for anything other than this and our last full cruise day is a sea day. Thanks!
  4. Hello group I will be disembarking the Allure in Port Everglades in Jan. 2016 and found a return flight at 10:50 AM. Am I playing it to tight. There are some other later flight but they are much more expensive. I'm flying back to Canada so options are a bit limited. I will of course use the self disembark system to get off the ship as early as possible but I dont want to put on to much stress on myself after a great cruise ! Thanks in advance for your answer.
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