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Found 9 results

  1. Has anyone ever used this? What is the amount of the discount?
  2. Does anyone have the paper that is given at the beginning of the cruise showing discounts as per status? Specifically platinum. I wanted to see the discount for internet specifically.
  3. Man, I messed up! We booked our cruise on Monday the 22nd and paid in full. Departure date is 9/1/19. We booked it through the casino royal program people because we received an email offer for $50 off. Lone behold, on tuesday a new sale started. Well I didn't look until today, and there is over a $500 price drop for our oceanview guarantee room and onboard credit? i could literally cry! I know we are past the 48 hour mark, but is there anything we can do? The balcony rooms still arent cheaper than what we paid, so i doubt we would be offered an upgraded room category but i feel like we threw away so much money.. only if we had waited one more day! Will they offer us any perks or onboard credit, or would i just be wasting my time to even try and call them to ask?
  4. Today when I checked my cruise prices (as I do EVERY morning...at least once !) I noticed something I have never really seen before - that I can recall, anyway. A real sale ! Maybe this was promo'ed ahead of time and I just missed it but for every one of my sailings, there is a dollar discount straight off the price....and none of the baseline prices appear to have gone up. -$100 for my 26 June 16 Freedom -$200 for my 23 December 16 Navigator (this is a Christmas/New Year's combo !) -$100 for my 11 Feb 17 Harmony -$100 for my 23 Dec 17 Adventure What's amazing is that this discount is the same to every cabin category. So it appears to be a straight up dollars off for every cabin on every sailing that I looked at. Maybe I just picked some lucky cruises.
  5. Wow ! I just called and booked a 5 day to Cozumel and Costa Maya in an aft Owner's Suite on the Empress for April 2016. They had special Crown & Anchor pricing which came out to 58% off. This beats the heck out of the Club Royale discount (usually 43%) that I usually get. The good news is that the C&A discounts are available to everyone [who is a C&A member] so everyone should be able to take advantage of a nice price. I'm D+ so not sure every C&A level will be the same % off but I suspect that the pricing is pretty nice for all C&A levels. When you can book an OS for less than $2000 (including taxes, port fees and gratuities !) you're doing pretty good ! ...even if it is only 5 nights ! I can't remember whether the VOOM is going to be complimentary on this ship or not. Too many new, old ships to keep up ! empress discount.pdf
  6. Yesterday I read something about the huge C&A discounts being gone from the Empress bookings so this morning I checked. Yep. Gone. They are only showing the same BOGOHO + C&A OBC that the rest of the fleet is getting. BOY am I glad I booked last week. That very lucrative 62% discount is now a disappointing 25%...and the base price hasn't gone down, either. The Empress is very tempting at the deep discount but I probably wouldn't even consider her at the current price. Nice while it lasted and lucky I took advantage of it while it was in effect !
  7. Head's up everyone who is on the blog group cruise...and everyone else too, I guess! RCI began a 72 hour cybersale this morning. I'm not sure if it is going to benefit everyone but it looks as if it is going to benefit those of us on the blog cruise. For those who have booked in my group they are showing a $25 per person reduction ($50 per cabin). It does not appear that the base price of the cruise has changed so it looks like a legitimate $50 reduction in the price of the cruise...for everyone but me and Stephanie...and anyone else who may have booked using a significantly discounted fare :( Anyway...call and see if your already-booked cruise will benefit or if you have been waiting to book, now may be the time ! Good luck everyone !
  8. So, as of today, June 1, 2015, "gone" is the old Buy One Get One Half Off (BOGOHO) and "here" is the new 30% discount promo. I know that Matt let us know this was coming...but it's here now !! It is my understanding that this is a June promo so presumably it will end on 30 June. I recommend that you look at the current prices of the cruises online and compare them to what you may have paid when you booked. Chances are, the fare has gone DOWN relative to what you paid, originally. The BOGOHO was essentially at 25% discount...the new promo is pretty much a straight 30% across-the-board discount. Good news - your Crown and Anchor discount is combinable with the 30% off promo ! That means, 30% off plus your C&A discount. That does NOT apply to a Club Royale discount, unfortunately. This is one of those situations where you have to be FAST to capture your fare reduction, if there is one. Often the cruise line will bump the base fare up to counteract any new discount that they are implementing. As of right this very moment, the cruise rates (for cruises that I have investigated anyway...I certainly cannot say that they are ALL the same) are the same as they were yesterday but that may not be the case for long. There are some cruises (2 of which I was booked on - on the Harmony) which are included in this 30% discount promo that were not originally discounted at ALL (except for my C&A balcony discount)...so for those cruises, this new promo was a huge windfall. I saved over $2500 on the 2 Harmony cruises I was booked on. I don't know how many other cruises are being discounted for the first time with this promo, but I suspect there are more. If you are booked WAY out or if you are booked on a brand new ship that did not previously have any discount applied, check them out ! They may be discounted now. If you booked your cruise yourself, call RCI. If you are booked through a TA, have them look into this for you. Do not let time elapse, however. My experience is that the base fares of your cruises is likely to increase and whatever is 30% today may not be the same savings tomorrow !
  9. Was wondering your alls experience with royals spa treatments and when you find is the best time to snatch up a spa treatment. Weither it be a masage or acupuncture or whatever the case may be. When before, during or towards the end of the cruise to find the best deals available for whatever spa treatment you want. Thinking about getting something special for my wife when we cruise next month and want the best deal for it.
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