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Found 8 results

  1. My husband and I just booked this. Will be his first time on Oasis and our first time in Curacao and Aruba. This will be our first cruise as Emerald!!!
  2. I wasn't planning to live blog this one but with all the FUD about cruising right now I thought I better clear the cruising record. FUD is Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt and there is plenty of FUD being tossed around social media with respect to cruising. Consequently this not live blog is from the ship as we return on the final sea days on our way back to Port Everglades. I didn't start out taking pictures and documenting everything with the intent to present it here so bear with me as I hobble together something to represent this cruise and to set the record straight. It's still a great time to cruise. The "enhanced" mask policy has had zero impact to me as a universal mask hater but I know the rules and I am following them. This is an eight night Southern Caribbean itinerary with a great blend of sea days and awesome ports. Day 1 - Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale embarkation Day 2 - Nassau Day 3 - Sea Day Day 4 - Sea Day Day 5 - Aruba Day 6 - Curaçao Day 7 - Sea Day Day 8 - Sea Day Day 9 - Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale debarkation Let's start with a cabin tour of an obstructed balcony cabin on deck 7. Obstructed balconies are a great way to enjoy a balcony while benefiting from a discount for living with an obstruction. On Quantum class ship the most common form of obstruction in the balcony category comes from the lifeboats and the towers that support the lifeboats (davits). Many (but not all) deck 6 and deck 7 balcony cabins are of the obstructed form but they are not all equally obstructed. By carefully picking the cabin location including choosing deck 7 the obstruction is not as significant. And now the moment you've all been waiting for... I present... the obstruction: Yep, that's it. That's several hundred dollars off the price of the cruise but YMMV. The rest of the cabin is the same as any other balcony cabin on the ship. And for the icing on the cake this is a connecting balcony cabin. However the connecting door on this class, at least in this cabin, is near the main entrance door and it seals very well. I've not heard a peep from the young college aged kids next door. By placing the connecting door here it doesn't impact the sofa or desk or any other aspect of the cabin.
  3. NOT QUITE YET... ....is this going to be a Live Blog. I am NOT looking to set the new World Land Speed Record for starting the earliest Live Blog. It will turn into a live blog MUCH later when we get closer to sail date. I just wanted to announce to the world that the long anticipated 8 night Symphony itinerary for 21 - 29 August 2021 has finally shown up on the website !!!! I've been stalking this cruise for months. They announced the itinerary - Labadee, Aruba and Curacao - months ago, but never opened it for booking until today. I quickly snagged one of the Deck 8 Aqua Theater Suites because I could not afford (or didn't want) any of the other Star Class rooms that were left. Believe it or not, some of the SC rooms were already gone by the time I got there !! The aft-facing Star Loft was there but I don't really want that one. I have NO interest in that awful Ultimate Family thing and the Royal Loft is WAAAY out of my price range on this cruise (and so was the Ultimate Family thing, to be fair). So let the fun begin. I BELIEVE that this will be the first Oasis class ship to go to Aruba and Curacao. I could be wrong about that. For sure it will be the first time Symphony has been there. This will also be my first cruise on Symphony and I'm very excited. 3 ports in 8 days is my idea of heaven. Interest, anyone ?
  4. Just saw this article. https://thepointsguy.com/news/antigua-barbuda-curacao-do-not-travel-cdc/
  5. We are sailing on Freedom of the Seas and will be in Curacao on a Wed. from 8am - 8pm & it looks like there will be a total of 3 ships in port. We plan on taking the RC Blue Bay Beach Break excursion from 9:15 - 1:15. We plan to return to the ship to shower and get some lunch then explore Curacao on our own for a bit. I am interested in the Tuk Tuk tours, but I'm a bit confused. There are several sites to book through and all say they will pick you up at the Pier. I've read here to walk over the bridge and try to get one. My understanding is they cannot drive over the bridge. So my question is which tour would be better and how do I compare them? I'd rather have it all planned in advance then not be able to find one when we are there.
  6. Hey everybody! Last December I went on an 11-day cruise with Royal Caribbean on 'Serenade Of The Seas'. It was so life-changing and inspiring that I decided to start a travel blog. I'm now writing about every port we stopped and the overall ship life. If you want to know about the juicy details of cruising go check it out and follow! www.incrediblewanderwoman.com Thanks! Leave me some feedback
  7. T-1 Day Almost a year ago, my family booked this cruise. Now we’re less than a day away from boarding the beautiful Navigator of the Seas to embark on our 9 night journey to the Southern Caribbean. I guess it’s best to start this live trip report by telling everyone a little bit about myself. I’m 17 from Atlanta, Georgia. I know I’m probably quite a bit younger than most of the users on Royal Caribbean Blog, but what can I say - it’s never to early to become obsessed with cruising. Going on this cruise with me are my mom, dad, elderly grandmother, and her elderly friend. We booked two separate balcony rooms, so my grandmother and her friend will stay in one room and I’ll stay in the other room with my mom and dad. My dad and I both booked the classic soda package and the voom surf voyage package so we can communicate with each other while on the ship. After diligently checking the cruise planner every 3 or so days, I was able to get the voom package for $19.18 a day, which was the cheapest I’ve seen it for the past 6 months. We chose this cruise strictly for the itinerary. The ABC islands have been on our list for quite some time, and when they offered them at the next cruise desk on our last cruise, we just couldn’t pass it up. The intertary is as follows: Day 1: At sea Day 2: Labadee, Haiti Day 3: At sea Day:4 At sea Day 5: Oranjestad, Aruba Day 6: Willemstad, Curaçao Day 7: Kralendijk, Bonaire Day 8: At Sea Day 9: At Sea In Labadee we’re planning to just have a beach day, in Aruba we’re doing a Trikes tour, we’re going to just play it by ear in Curaçao, and in Bonaire we rented a few golf carts. We got into Miami yesterday night with my dad driving my grandmother and her friend down and my mom and I flying since she had to stay later to work and I had to stay later for finals. Today in Miami we did a little sight seeing at Little Havana, South Beach, and Bayside. After lunch we ran a few last minute errands to pick up the things we realized we forgot to pack, and all got pedicures (including my dad). He was not a fan of the flip flops lol. At least they had blue. Now all that’s left is our last dinner of 2018 on land and then it’s cruise time tomorrow!!
  8. We are on Adventure for the ABC/St.M cruise. Renting a jeep in Aruba, Snorekling in Bonaire, Maho in St. Maarten---but what to do in Curacao? The last cruise I was on there, I was sick and never left the ship. We are two active adults with two 16 year old girls. Any suggestions for must do that won't cost an arm and a leg? (are other port days are already a bit costly with our planned itinerarys). Thanks y'all!
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