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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I have recently been looking into the various Credit Card / OBC / Stocks / Casino Rewards (other?) options offered by Royal / Celebrity. What is the most useful option or combination of programs to earn discounts/ credits / and the illusive 'Free Cruise'? May your ship lead you to warm sands, TwoCanSailAway
  2. Hello, Going on a cruise soon! In May 2018. So excited but wanted to know has anyone used cash deposit for onboard expense account, and how does that work? Is there a minimum amount needed for a 7 day cruise? Also any insight into on board expense account and anything u think I should know before cruising would be appreciated.
  3. My husband and I are going on Navigator May 13th - 17th. We currently have a credit card to settle our onboard account, but we do want to bring cash for the ports. We already paid for the drink packages and for the excursions. How much cash would you bring for shopping?
  4. Have a cruise in a few days, and was thinking of alternatives to cash tipping. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere about gifts or small items that the cabin stewards enjoy or could use that they cannot get on/off ship easily. Just looking for something to do other than (or in addition to) cold hard cash :) Suggestions for specific items I could bring along, or look for while in port, to hook up a [hopefully] great cabin steward?
  5. Hi everyone. Just 5 mores sleeps until my first ever cruise! :D So excited but need to ask a couple of practical questions: 1) We want to use cash to settle our onboard account and, from what I gather reading other posts, it's possible to set up the account at check in using a card, but then settle with cash at guest services on the last night. Is that correct? 2) My TA marked my account as 'cash' when she completed my online check-in for me - will they be able to add a card when I check in at the port? 3) I'm sailing out of Southampton, UK. Will I be able to pay cash into my account using sterling £ ? TIA
  6. How much cash do you take with you for incidentals like cash tipping and onshore spending money? I like to tip at the bar even though 15% is already added to the tab. While in college I was a server and bartender and always appreciated cash tips.
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