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  1. Just booked! . . . Need help determining the best method of transportation from MIA airport to the cruise terminal. Should we just use Uber? Cruise shuttle? What about transportation from the terminal to a hotel afterwards? Open to suggestions. There will be four adults. Happy sailing!
  2. Will be traveling solo on this cruise. This will help us earn Diamond sooner for our Nov, 2024 14 Night Transatlantic cruise.
  3. Who else is ready to cruise for the holidays??? I don't know about you, but I am so excited!!! I will be sailing with my family of five for the very first time! Everyone is a new cruiser except me. I have been on two cruises in the past with Norwegian. I am looking forward to experiencing Royal Caribbean, which comes highly recommended from my cousin. 265 more days to go...
  4. This will be my and my husband's first back to back cruise. See Feb 7-10 post ORLANDO (PORT CANAVERAL), FL NASSAU, BAHAMAS PERFECT DAY AT COCOCAY
  5. My husband and mine first back to back cruise!! See Feb 3 -7 post ORLANDO (PORT CANAVERAL), FL NASSAU, BAHAMAS PERFECT DAY AT COCOCAY
  6. Hello Fellow Cruisers!!! My name is KJ and I am so excited to head out on this awesome adventure as a first time cruiser. I know there's still so much time to plan and prepare but I just wanted to introduce myself and looking forward to meeting some cool people along the way. Any recommendations for entertainment, food, and etc. in NY since I'm heading in a few days early to see some amazing sights? Thanks for any insight.
  7. Hello Everyone! I'm traveling to Bahamas with my wife on the end of August. Since it is peak summer we are not sure if renting a south beach bed. Hope to read your comments! Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone! I am hoping to propose to my girlfriend this December during our cruise vacation. I was really hoping to do it at the Ocean Club Versailles Gardens near Nassau but after doing some research I found out they're pretty intense about the security and prevention passerbys from stopping in to see the gardens. I emailed the hotel they want $3,500 to come in propose!! Does anyone know of any sort of walking tour or excursion that may go there? Looking for some loopholes to make it happen. I have a solid 6 months to make something work so any tips would be greatly appreciated
  9. We have some FCCs left over and looking to book from NY on oasis this summer. We are looking between either July 1st or later in July. Is it ridiculous to do this sailing in the summer? Will we be completely overheating?
  10. I am booked to go on the Independence of the Seas in December and it’s a 5 day cruise that was supposed to have a stop in Nassau and another stop in Coco Cay but they removed the Nassau stop and we didn’t purchase a 5 day cruise for just 1 stop. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if Royal Caribbean offered anything for the inconvenience.
  11. Hi all, my husband and I are going on our first RC cruise on May 29th 2020 for our honeymoon. We are doing a 7 night cruise to the Bahamas out of Galveston. We are both very excited but some blogs and reviews have me worried. I’d like to ask you all a few questions I have. Itinerary: -Galveston -Cruising -Key West -Nassau -Coco Cay -Cruising -Cruising 1) Has this cruise normally been done on a different ship or something? I can’t seem to find any reviews on this specific cruise with this ship. 2) Is the drink package worth getting for a 7 night cruise? My husband and I are wine drinkers so the discount for the bottle prices might be great and we are also stopping at coco cay so does that factor in when deciding? We do drink normally as well, not just wine to be more clear. 3) what is this lobster night I keep seeing mentioned in the blog? When is it? I want to do the chef table and I don’t want to miss out on lobster night while doing chefs table. 4) Any suggestions for honeymooners cruising? I want to get the most out of this cruise. We had to cancel our original honeymoon cruise because I became pregnant and gave birth 2 days after our 1 year anniversary. It’ll be great to finally celebrate a honeymoon and anniversary. TIA for all the help. We appreciate it!
  12. Hey Guys I will be leaving on the Gradeur on March 15 2018. Im so excited but a little nervous. Is there anyone going on this cruise too? Also is there any hidden fees I have to pay that isnt included in the price of the cruise! I have a budget and I feel like this going to be tough. Thanks -Savannah.
  13. Hello. We're sailing Allure in April. We're interested in snorkeling in St. Thomas and St. Kitts. Any suggestion on which shore excursion to book based on your experience?
  14. Hi There, I recently came across your blog and forum and am really happy with all the information and tips provided. I will be taking a 4 day Bahamas cruise at the end of May 2018 on Enchantment of the seas. I will be travelling with my partner (who will be a first time cruiser) and my parents. My parents and I have cruised before and are looking forward to it. My parents booked the trip via a travel agency called Avoya travel. I have heard everywhere that travel agencies are the best way to go, but i was on the Royal Caribbean website the other day and it seems the price i got was a lot cheaper than the price we paid via the travel agencies. so i have a few questions What Agencies would do you like to use when booking your cruise vacation and is anyone familiar with avoya is it still possible to cancel the cruise through the agency and try to look for a better price somewhere else ( this probably depends on the agency itself; but until when are you still able to cancel a royal Caribbean booking free of charge) is it common to switch travel agencies if you encounter a better price. I've heard on the podcast that travel agencies are supposed to keep an eye out for better deals that might come along, but i just have this weird inkling that isn't happening I know a golden rule is to book as early as possible and i don't want to cancel one cruise and suddenly find out that there's no more opportunity to book. However, any money we can save would be very helpful.
  15. IT'S CRUISE DAY!!! Departing Cape Liberty (Bayonne, NJ) I have two sea days, Port Canaveral, Miami, Nassau, CocoCay then two sea days back to Cape Liberty. I haven't booked excursions and plan to work some days. Some of these ports are places I've visited many times. As always I'm hoping we make CocoCay but since it's currently a tender port that is always a game day decision for the Captain. Finger's crossed. I flew in last night and stayed at a hotel near the Newark airport. On the plane I checked Anthem's position on a ship tracking site and was surprised to see she was beating me into NJ. Apparently there was a medical incident that precluded helicopter evacuation so they sped up to make port. This is my 3rd cruise on Anthem after a back to back in December. That seems so long ago but then again it was last year. I'm in a balcony cabin on deck 6 forward this time. Most deck 6 balconies are obstructed view due to the position of the life boats however I'm far forward enough to be away from them. I'm planning to purchase Voom on board as it never went on sale in the cruise planner. Since we are in port much of today I'll wait until day 2 to buy Voom to save some money since the on board plans are pro-rated based on how many days are remaining. Yesterday I changed planes in Atlanta. It was very odd looking out the window of the plane and seeing some snow on the ground. My favorite airline lounge has an outside deck which was closed yesterday because of the snow. Where I come from this isn't considered a lot of snow but for this part of the country the recent storm was snowmageddon. Here in Newark it is 28° F this morning. There is something about boarding a ship when it's below freezing that just seems weird. I think I'll skip the sail away and Verrazano-Narrows Bridge event on deck 15 this time. With that it's time to finish re-packing my bags and hail a Lyft.
  16. Hi all! My husband and I are thinking of going on our very first cruise in December on the 4 night Bahamas cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas. I was hoping to get some input from previous cruisers on a couple questions/concerns: - What all is included in the cost of the trip? (I have read different things saying that no drinks are included or that a few drinks are included like water and tea. Just wanted to get an official answer!) - Is the Enchantment ship a stable ship? I know that you can't account for rough seas from a storm, etc. but my husband does tend to get motion sick but I have been hearing that stabilizers are being used a lot more often on cruise ships to help cut down the rocking. Hoping Enchantment uses this as well! Thank you in advance everyone! :)
  17. Hi first time rc cruiser here, I been on carnival victory (to cozumel) alone with my wife - one time this summer but relly want try RCL this time! AND I'm taking my wife and a 14 year old 17 & 20 girl's Im trying to decide between Bahamas 4 day cruise on enchatment in October or wait until December to go on the Indy to cozumel(maybe the 5 day) I would like to go on the bigger ship's but with no experience on rcl i don't know?? Any recommendations? (Also saw the navigator ship runs in November)
  18. Hi All I have just been on my first Royal Caribbean cruise and loved it. I had an amazing deal around the Med which included a free deluxe drinks package, free wifi, all gratuities and a BOGO deal, booked 9 months before cruise date! Was a steal! I am now looking at my next cruise to Bermuda and Bahamas on the Grandure of the Seas in May 2018. However, when i phoned for a quote there were no inclusions just the standard 20% off deal which seams to be on most of the time anyway. So to seasoned Royal Caribbean customers my question is how much sway do the agents have? If i push them will they give me freebies or am i best to wait for a better promotion to pop up? Thanks
  19. Hi all I've been looking to see if I can make the deluxe package worth it for me. 🙈 We're on Majesty for the 4 day Bahamas cruise which has 1 sea day. I figured if I drink cocktails (which are my go to when I drink) it'll definitely be worth it BUT I'm confused. The package says it covers drinks up to $12 which it says includes cocktails but the price list I've been looking at has all cocktails at $13 dollars so they won't be included. On Majesty is it fair to say all cocktails will be $13? Excluding any specials at least. Thanks very much.
  20. Looking to get some reviews/suggestions for shore excursions. Will be sailing AOTS in September, with port stops in Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. Will be travelling with husband, 4YO son, and my mom. Looking for family-friendly excursions! TIA!
  21. We are going on the Valentine cruise. In Nassau for the first time. Is it worth while taking a taxi for 6 over to Paradise Island? I guess the new Margaritaville is small. I thought we may go there for a drink. Can you see anything worth seeing of Atlantis? Would we be better off staying in Nassau and going to Senor Frogs? :) THANKS!!!! Lisa
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