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Found 5 results

  1. We are sailing out of Seattle to Alaska on the Ovation of the seas in May of 2020. We will be coming from the east coast and fly into SeaTac... I'm fairly savvy when it comes to trip planning and such. I love to research and review all aspects of a trip. But, typically we drive to Florida and leave out or port Canaveral or Tampa for our cruises. Next year we will be flying and wanted to get some tips regarding purchase of airfare, including the timing of buying tickets. I've read online all the statistics about the optimal time frame to buy airfare... but wanted to get any tips from people here. Any secrets or tips to getting a good deal? I'm already 'tracking' prices now... from multiple airports, multiple airlines, and different combination of days to fly in and fly out. But always open to tips and tricks. Also, do you usually book air fare yourselves, or let your TA handle it? Can they typically get a little bit better price on flights, or will it basically be the same as what I can find online? Thanks in advance for any thoughts, tips, and/or tricks of the trade.
  2. Hello All, My flights should be coming available in less than a month for our late October cruise. We are based out of Orlando, but can get an early morning flight to FLL for very inexpensive, plus on Southwest so free baggage, woot! Also, if something were to happen with our flight, we could still make it to the port in enough time driving, which is why I am not going down the night before. A few questions, what is the best thing about Transfers? Do they wait for you if there is a delay? Also, can you get a one-way transfer? Also, at fort lauderdale airport do they have any place where you can store your luggage? It looks like our flight out wont be until 6pm (a rental car would be the same price). I know I should be able to check my luggage ahead of time. But what about carry ons? Any tips, advice or anything are greatly appreciate.
  3. I rarely use the Royal Caribbean airfare system but I need to price some airfare and wonder....where the he*l is it now that they have the wonderful new and improved website ?
  4. Just wondering if anyone's had any luck booking airfare with the Air2Sea website? Seems like it's hit or miss... figure it can't be a bad thing to book air travel through the cruise line so it's all linked up with your reservations, etc...Thoughts?
  5. I've been a loyal user of Kayak when shopping for and booking my cruise air and I was just able to grab a $2 round trip fare for our Serenade cruise in Europe next year. It's still several hundred dollars with taxes, but I haven't paid this low of a fare to Europe in 10 years. Super excited by the fare, which is $400 less per person than this past summer. If you haven't tried Kayak, it's worth a try. Note, though that some airlines (e.g., Southwest) are not included.
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