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  1. @twangster oddly enough we do.have access to.the suite restaurant (Coastal Kitchen) but for dinner only not lunch. Weird rules lol
  2. @twangster thanks for the info I knew about that but when I was last on Oasis in 2010 I had access to that bar and we all smoked cigars up there. Sometime since then that has all changed, sadly!
  3. @WAAAYTOOO you have to look at deck plan after most recent makeover. Many of the online deck plans are now wrong for Oasis.
  4. Do Jr Suite guests on Oasis Class ships have access to the "After Deck Bar" on deck 17? Royal's website specifies Jr Suite guests do not have access to Concierge Club but does not specify this bar which seems to be the only one at which you can smoke a cigar.
  5. Does anyone have the most updated 2020 cruise director list or happen to know who the current CD is on Oasis? Thanks in advance.
  6. Royal has already confirmed that it is three formal nights on this itinerary... I guess there is no straight answer to the question of which nights... thats unfortunate that they don't allow you to plan in advance.
  7. Hi all... Although I know its not set in stone and factors at sea can change the plan... but has anyone been on the 12 Night Mediterranean/Greek Islands cruise out of Barcelona on Brilliance of the Seas this season that can share which three nights were the formal nights. Would like to make specialty dining reservations without having to switch it later on. Thanks in advance.
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