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  1. I've seen that little outdoor Sabor on Oasis when I've watched some of the tours online, I assume that's what you mean by "cantina"? I've wondered what the difference is??
  2. 13 days until Embarkation day!!! Heading out on the Oasis on Mar 26, to Labadee, Falmouth, and Cozumel!
  3. Oh maaaaaaaaaaan. I was "meh" about Izumi bc of all the other food options and while I love sushi, it seemed like just another sushi place. But RAMEN?????? That's a whole other ball game, and not something I can find around here.
  4. Oh man. Way to kill the cruise mood!
  5. HA HA I knew I'd get some fun responses to this!
  6. I realize this is a very random question, but we are going to be on Oasis on April 1, so I'd rather be prepared. Has anyone ever been on a RC ship for April Fools before? Any idea if they do any kind of prank? I normally try to limit my exposure to the unknown on this stupid holiday...but it cannot be avoided this year!
  7. Not quite, but I'm sure I'm pretty close!
  8. Hi everyone! I'm brand new to cruising, and I'm pretty sure I've read every single article on this page. I'm maybe a little over prepared but I can't wait to get on Oasis in 18 days! Thanks Matt for creating such a terrific community! --Haley
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