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  1. A photo will suffice Cruising From Perth In 2023 | RAC WA
  2. So the bungee aspect will remain sans the VR experience? Or the bungee is being retired in its entirety? After a second reading, it looks like the latter. Too many accidents I guess.
  3. Haha, thanks guys. Like I said, mixed information. Appreciate your responses
  4. Can anyone tell me whether the Solarium on Spectrum is: a) for suite guests only, or b) has a specific section reserved for suite guests only? I have received mixed information. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows.
  5. Great news @Matt. Interesting to note that the compliance rate is actually higher than the old muster drill. So reverting would actually make things worse. In short, everyone's a winner with eMuster
  6. Back on topic, god I hope they don't bring back the old muster drill. What a regressive step.
  7. I'd consider that a damn good alternative, almost a win.
  8. I'm booked on Spectrum in Jan 2024. I would not be pleased with a ship change.
  9. Carnival cruise ship passenger’s miraculous survival after falling overboard | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
  10. One tip I would add - if budget and scheduling allows, also incorporate a New Zealand cruise into your travels. Australia is a long way to come, so you may as well make it a cost-efficient exercise (one flight, two cruises). As @twangster can attest, NZ will offer some spectacular scenery.
  11. Nice one Jenna. If you're cruising out of Sydney, I recommend booking a hotel at The Rocks (name of the area, not the hotel). It's right on Circular Quay so conveniently close to the terminal, as well as views of the Opera House and Bridge. I've been to all of those island destinations, but the Australian part of the itinerary I have only ever been to Melbourne. Hit me up if you have any questions about those ports. How exciting!
  12. A Covid "outbreak" on Coral Princess is big news here today. Like, come on. Covid is all around and has been for ages now. What difference does it make if it's on a cruise ship?
  13. I couldn't read the article properly Chili, could you cut n paste?
  14. I'm sure this will be the basis of Matt's next blogpost, but here is his latest YouTube vid on it. This ship is a LOT to take in. Personally, less is more, but I'm sure it'll be successful...
  15. Royal Caribbean reveals five-stage plan for region's first ever private resort for cruise passengers - Cruise Passenger Key takeaways: * sailings could commence as early as next Spring. So just twelve months away. * construction to be phased over 5 years * will not be a year round destination for the forseeable future. Construction to occur in winter months.
  16. I saw this article just now. I'm only posting it because of this hilarious statement: “I would love to bring the Prima class to Sydney. But, we obviously have huge limitations in Sydney. If we could convince the government to build another port or raise the bridge, then we would love to home port a ship in Sydney. Norwegian wants to bring Prima to Sydney and demands action on a new port - Cruise Passenger
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