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  1. I expect it will be quietly shelved at some point.
  2. All those fares sound very expensive to me. I recently sailed Spectrum out of Singapore. 9 nights at $1,250 per head in obstructed balcony cabins. 2 x interconnecting cabins and one other adjacent cabin. That was value!
  3. In contrast, we really enjoyed the indoor pool. Climate control, no sunburn...Perfect! Also, the Solarium is beautiful. I missed, though, having a pub onboard. The Esplanade does not match up to the Promenade on other classes, but the Music Hall and 270* Theatre are great venues. What I have realised over time is that every class has its pros and cons. There are compromises and benefits to each. I loved sailing through Asia for the second time. I have now done the South Pacific twice and Asia twice. Each are great in their own way. Any questions, please feel free to ask
  4. I'm on Spectrum right now. Of the 4,400 passengers, 1,100 are Aussies. That's a quarter! Next is Singaporeans with 550. Coming from Perth, cruising from Singapore is no further than cruising out of sydney or Brisvegas. Can recomend.
  5. Both Aussie dollar and NZ dollar would be fine. Even US dollars would be ok too, but I think AUD or NZD would be preferable, since they would be able to spend it onshore. When cruising the South Pacific I have even used leftover currency from the islands, as the crew will spend time there during their time off.
  6. Personally, smoking should be banned from the designated areas on the pool decks, ahead of the casinos. Admittedly this was 5 years ago on Voyager, but an entire side of the pool deck was a smoking area, so when strolling down that particular side you had to contend with the foul stench of all the smokers gathering. I've only taken one cruise since then (next is in 17 days) so it could be different nowadays for all I know. A casino is an adult venue to begin with, so let people have their vices there if they wish. Let it be a default smokers' lounge, as Last2know alluded to above. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll carry a notarised letter, just in case!
  8. Yes, I agree. I am just wishing to avoid an over-officious pencil-pusher at the Singapore terminal who decides I haven't completed procedures appropriately.
  9. Hi everyone. Is anybody able to tell me if RC will be fussy if my children are booked into their grandparents' room. The grandparents have a different surname. I will be on the cruise in a different room. Will I need signed documentation, or will it be OK since I am taking the same cruise also? Thanks.
  10. I'm not sure where else they can sail to. Indonesia and PNG from Fremantle? I'd love it, personally, but the economics probably not there (noting that other cruise lines have done similar itineraries but I don't know how financially successful that was).
  11. I'm cruising out of Singapore in January, with check-in opening today. The earliest slot was 11am, so obviously took it. It must vary from place to place, region to region, like others have said.
  12. As most of you would be aware, in the Australian and Asian markets the gratuities are rolled into the upfront costs. It makes life a lot easier and these sorts of discussions redundant. Do you guys see a time where the same approach is applied in the North American cruise market?
  13. It's sad because it will justify Royal's charging of such a ludicrous price, meaning that the rest of us who are more sensible with our disposable inncome won't be able to use what is a fairly basic amenity. But hey, on such a large ship, there's plenty of other things to do (which is also why I can't fathom why anyone would want to shell out $350. You basically anchor yourself to that one location for a whole day). Each to their own though. I agree that there would be fights and arguments if the use of daybeds wasn't regulated in some way.
  14. AAAAAahahaha, $350. People will pay that price, sadly. Edit: probably Instagrammers and other "influencers".
  15. Hi Andrew. I haven't applied for the eVisas yet. It's such a confusing process. I've had to apply for visas at the Perth consulate on behalf of my Mauritian in-laws, as they are from a country that does not have access to eVisas. So they were required to get their visas at an embassy/consulate, which they don't have in Mauritius. So we went through a long convoluted process to get that done. They ended up with multiple entry visas, just to be safe. I think in our case, a single entry might be ok, but until I go online and sort it through, I can't give you any advice sorry mate.
  16. This business model is actually of benefit to the astute consumer. Why pay an all-inclusive fare which includes amenities that you don't use, when you can pay a base fare and simply pick & choose whatever extras most suit you?
  17. They seem to be double the normal price this time.
  18. Asian itineraries for 2024-25 are out now. I only looked at Singapore sailings, nothing much that caught my attention. Quantum and Anthem the two options, depending when you go. Folks in Qld may find the Singapore to Brisbane sailing of interest.
  19. The process is really confusing, with no clear information about it. I've read that what you have described is only for air travel, but maybe not.
  20. For anyone who has cruised Asia recently, I'm looking for clarity around the Vietnam visa situation. Various websites and forums say that you can get "loose-leaf" visas when the ship arrives in port. However the RC website states the following: For sailings visiting Vietnam Guests visiting Vietnam will be required to apply for and receive a Vietnam Visa. To see if your country is eligible to apply for the E-via, please visit here or if your country doesn't require a visa before joining us onboard, please visit this link here. If you are eligible to apply for the E-visa, please fill in the Vietnam E-Visa form no later than 2 weeks prior to sailing. Please note, if your country is not listed as eligible for the E-visa, you will need to apply for your Vietnam Visa at your nearest Vietnam Embassy or consulate no later than 2 weeks prior to sailing. We will not assist guests with obtaining Visa on Arrival for Vietnam. For guests who apply for the E-visa/Visa, correct port name and date of entry and exit must be entered. If any of the information is incorrect, it will be considered an invalid visa and guests will not be allowed to debark. However, they are still able to sail. Vietnam Ports: Ho Chi Minh (Vung Tau Seaport) Chan May (Chan May Seaport) Nha Trang (Nha Trang Seaport) Ha Long Bay (Hon Gai Seaport) Da Nang (Da Nang Seaport)
  21. Radiance is still my favourite ship. I think my view is strongly influenced by the fact that it was my first cruise and I was child-free
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