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  1. Yes, we had the one at the very front of the ship. That was my least favourite room in all the cruises I have been on. Motion was a huge factor and that room was so noisy every time the ship departed and docked.
  2. Done. But I don't think you need us for this. I am pretty sure the site allows anyone to change their own titles. You just click and hold down on the title and it allows you to edit.
  3. Yay! #teamDeck17! Although I will say, I would definitely consider the ATS on Symphony or Wonder. It's the most modern looking and it seems a bit more open in design.
  4. That's the high. It hit single digits last night....enjoy the rest of the sailing in warm weather.
  5. That's great news. The sailing that we have coming up for New years is a similar situation. We booked it within the double points window but because the school board changed Christmas vacation dates on us, we had to move from December 18th sail date to December 31st sail date. My TA did move the reservation so it has the same number as the original, but like all things Royal, I am slightly worried I won't get the double points. Good to know that if it doesn't happen, C&A might still honour it. Looks like you guys are having a great week. Perfect timing cause a big cold front hit Southern Ontario and it's freezing here! lol
  6. I use the app but I also have a printed copy in my bag just in case.
  7. Welcome back to cruising!!! Looking forward to what you think of Liberty and that 2BD GS. We have that exact same cabin booked next summer (August). Are you on Deck 8? Oh, and post pics!
  8. Unfortunately no. Could not find a way to justify leaving the 15 and 17 year old home alone for 12+ days....
  9. Yeah, I didn't think that it could be done online.
  10. I know this may not be too helpful at this point, but for future bookings, if you cannot get actual connecting cabins for the kids, Royal will allow you to book the kids in their own cabin if it's adjacent or right next door. I have done this before, never went through with it because we ended up upgrading both times, but I was able to hold and deposit with that type of booking. Note: a TA did help me do this both times so I have no clue if they would allow this type of booking online
  11. Marva is back on Allure now?! She was our loft attendant on Oasis back in March. She is pretty marvellous.
  12. Yikes! Sorry! My bad. It’s a 9 night Eastern Caribbean itinerary. Proves it did not look too closely at the itinerary at all lol
  13. I haven't looked too hard at the itinerary but I know for sure Oasis does a 9 nighter to Canada/NE. Next year there is one in early August. I looked at that one but decided on Liberty for the end of August instead. I think Oasis also did a 9 nighter this year in May to Canada/NE.
  14. It's not just Cape Liberty sailings. My Oasis March 2024 sailing out of Miami also gets the same message.
  15. Pretty sure they have vans to accommodate larger groups as well. I think I even saw one before for over 20 people.
  16. For you comparison, they quoted us: FLL hotel on 17th St. to Port of Miami $145 Port of Miami to MIA $125 This is for a private sprinter van for 10 people. It still pains me to pay this knowing that I can Uber/Lyft usually for way cheaper but with my parents and a few kids under 10, this was the easiest way for us to all stay together. Other companies that I priced out (ex. Larry's Limo, Miami Luxury Shuttle, etc.) were all higher quotes.
  17. I just booked with QLS for March 2023. There are 10 of us, cruising from Miami but we have to fly into FLL because of flight times. I priced out a bunch of private car service places and QLS had very reasonable rates.
  18. Seeing that this topic already exists in another thread, I'm going to lock this one.
  19. IIRC, this is right around the time I “met” the famous @twangstertoo! Lol
  20. Ah…the GS on Harmony holds a special spot in my heart. It was our first dive into “suite life” in 2017. Well, you know what happened after that. Lol. So yes! It is worth it! Pics not too great, this was also “pre-blogging days”
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