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  1. Thanks for blogging @SpeedNoodles! Ask Mr. Speednoodles if he is sure about the ATS, SC is the point of no return...πŸ˜‰
  2. Noro is a tough one to kill. Most sanitizing wipes do not kill the virus. I only know of three, that can be sold to the public, that are effective. 1. Oxivir TB Wipes 2. Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide wipes (from their Healthcare line, not the regular Clorox wipes) 3. Sono disinfecting wipes
  3. Thanks so much for blogging @betatke1480! Loved your take on the whole SC experience on Oasis. Wishing you all a safe trip home!
  4. Happy Sailing to all those cruising this month! And to me, finally out of dry dock! Woohoo! March 2020 1 - Larry Muster (Explorer) 1- Guy Gadwa (Liberty) 8 - YOLO (Anthem) 8 - Ogilthorpe (Oasis) 8 - kadmgs (Liberty) 13 - amyrferg75 (Mariner) 14 - dochedges (Radiance of the Seas) 14 - CowboyMedic (Adventure) 14 - WesKinetic (Majesty) 14 - HAK1906 (Symphony) 15 - Lovetocruise2002 (Oasis) 15 - Ogilthorpe (Oasis) 15 - WannaCruise (Anthem) 15 - shaydav19 (Anthem) 21 - mom2mybugs (Rhapsody) 21 - tigergal31 (Brilliance) 21 - Mrs_Collins (Brilliance) 22 - BakedAlaska (Oasis) 22 - cbridge (Oasis) 22 - tmp916 (Anthem) 22 - BrianB (Anthem) 22 - Srp431 (Freedom) 23 - jayde43 (Ovation of the Seas) 26 - Dimension (Brilliance) 28 - F1guynz (Voyager) 29 - coneyraven (Freedom of the Seas) 29 - CaseytheGR (Freedom of the Seas)
  5. You didn’t. Over the past year and a half or so, it’s been coming around 5-7 days out. Usually the Tuesday before your sailing date.
  6. I have never booked that through Next Cruise but I have the suite booked on Jewel! If it's the same one that I am thinking of. Category VT; 1054? Used to be the old concierge lounge? Now it's a 2 Bedroom Oceanview Panoramic suite. Next Cruise often has the information wrong on the Panoramic Suites. They tell people that it will not receive full suite benefits either so it would not surprise me if they messed up the OBC information. I would try to look into it further and clarify. You get the GS benefits in those suites and you also pay GS gratuities so I'm not sure why they would not consider it the same. The only thing I can think of is that maybe if you are trying to book with a refundable deposit on those suites, you would only get a max of $150 OBC. That is in their terms and conditions.
  7. I remember from past posts that the whole thing gets repriced. The person was from Australia though so not sure what the rules are for UK.
  8. Says the guy who has been adding to that Genie list for months on end now. 😁 And I don’t know about @betatke1480 being low maintenance, have you heard the search for the pretzels stories? πŸ˜‚ Kidding, after having cruise with @betatke1480, I can safely say that they are pretty awesome!
  9. I have some theories but I will reserve judgment and comment for another 17 days or so... πŸ˜‰
  10. That is definitely room location related! The loft attendants are in a class of their own. Not just anyone can become a loft attendant. I was told that by several crew members over the years. And proximity to CK helps with food delivery on Deck 17.
  11. So...each ship has a different system, but I know from a Genie that it is usually not divided up by location, it goes by numbers of potential guests. This is why on most Oasis class ships, you will find each Genie with at least one set of ATS. It makes it fair number-wise. The deck 17 suites hold less people so it would not be fair if one person only had Deck 17 suites. HM and SY which has the Villa, that Genie usually takes one less and they definitely would not get an ATS. This is what was explained to me in the past. If Oasis only kept 3 Genies, then that is wrong on Royal to stretch them thin. 100% on Royal. However, I think there are still 4 on this week. I'm not sure I buy the "location" excuse of not being around much. Even if the ATS is far away, it's not that far. And they can still find you in other areas of the ship. They have ways to find you.
  12. Interesting theory. I wonder if @Tiffeven found this to be the case on Allure too? I still have it feeling it is Genie dependent.
  13. Here’s another one from a JS on Anthem. As you can see, same thing.
  14. This is the standard coffee maker in a JS. Not from Symphony but this is standard. I never use it when I sail, but I don't believe it has pods. The only machines with pods are in the Star Class suites, those are Nespresso machines.
  15. Araceli was everywhere too. And that was on Harmony. You would never have guessed that she had other families. From what I've been hearing this week from you and others, I have a feeling she is going to hard to replace, just like Shane.
  16. Might be worthwhile to mention this on the post cruise survey. Not a knock against Smitha, but the fact the Genies on Oasis seem to be spread too thin. This seems like the common consensus among the other SC people sailing with you this week who have the other Genies.
  17. Funny way these two classes came about. Izzy scheduled us in for the Sushi class without us even asking. I was going to ask him to take it off but Hubby and the kids wanted to leave it so we did. The Guacamole class idea was actually from a post by someone here on the message boards. Someone was wondering what it would be like now that Sabor was gone and that left me wondering too. I got curious and took a look at the cruise planner and noticed that tequila is included with that class. Checked with Izzy to see if it was complementary and it is, so who am I to turn down complimentary tequila! 😁 And we also love guacamole and chips. πŸ˜‹
  18. You have to be careful with Clorox wipes because not all the versions sanitize equally. Many of them don’t kill Noro. The only one I know of that does is Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide wipes from their healthcare line. Read labels carefully. Oxivir is pretty potent. That is why we use those instead. I am a huge germaphobe! You have no idea. And I probably would pay that too! Thank goodness they are cheaper than that! 🀣
  19. That is for the case lol. The single canister is around $22-25. We purchase from either Walmart or Staples online.
  20. OMG! Late to the party but I love this thread! Thanks for starting it! So cool hearing where everyone got their handles from, and answers to many that I have been wondering, well not @JLMoran's or @WAAAYTOOO...those two are self explanatory lol. And @JohnK6404, not sure what you are talking about, but I still have no clue where @twangster gets his handle from. I must be working too hard and missed some posts and conversations. πŸ˜„ Ok, mine not too creative either because I did not inherit the creativity gene. I love to cruise, and I fell in love with cruising back in 2002 on our honeymoon. That's all. πŸ™‚
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