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  1. You should have offered Patron. 😂 Unless you are dealing with @Matt, he is hard to sway...lol
  2. We are flying into FLL on March 14th. We have to work until the 13th. 😔
  3. I am usually in total agreement with @WAAAYTOOO but this is where we disagree. IMO, the food quality in CK rivals specialty if not better in some cases.
  4. Assuming that time off is not a factor, I would take 2 cruises in inside cabins per year. More C&A points.
  5. I am already counting the calories now so I can make room for the millions of calories that I am going to consume in a few weeks! 🤣
  6. Too bad it's on Day 1 though. I don't know about most people, but I am usually pretty tired out by dinner time on Day 1. Was that time your only option?
  7. Even if you found out 24 hours prior, the Genie can still make everything happen for you. That is the beauty of star class!
  8. I read the bit about JD and his lack of skills in sending emails and I am still laughing! 😂
  9. I just had dinner and now I'm hungry! lol 28 more days and I will be at Playmakers finally! I found your CK comment interesting that it was better than HM. Now I am curious to see for myself. CK on SY was not that great. HM was good both times. I still think Anthem has the best CK (in service and food quality). One question...Are those apple pies that showed up in two of your pics. Where did those come from? I have never seen that type of apple pie before...
  10. This is the main reason why I love cruising!!! From one working mom to another. 😉 And if you are trying room service, you have to get the chicken wings. They are my favourite item on the room service menu. Really good!
  11. @Pookie safe travels back to Michigan where cold and snow awaits you. 😜 Although it is way "warmer" here than two days ago. Great blog! I really enjoyed following along this week.
  12. You’re going to be disappointed, I have Izzy this time. No way can we ever top @KasinoCrazy’s gift to him last year. Not even going to go there and try lol.
  13. Hopefully we’ll see you on board 3/15! So jealous! I wish I could do 3 weeks on Oasis!
  14. That's how we feel every time without them! 🤣 Save that gif for our Odyssey Inaugural joint monster blog. 😄
  15. I know! Finally, less than 30 days! Cannot wait for many reasons! We still are undecided about hotel. This is cutting is close, for us lol. I will ask for sure. If I had to make a guess right now, I would guess no for Smitha and Allan. They have been on board since the first cruise out of dry dock. I would say they are headed on vacation soon in April or so. Izzy came on board on the December 8th sailing. He might still be there. But I will ask.
  16. I remembered that you said that. I usually prefer a really firm pillow (that is why I have used Tempur-pedic for over a decade now) and My Pillow is the exact opposite of that. But it is strangely comfortable too. That is why I am undecided. Hubby’s is still rolled up in the package lol. Happy to have you along again. 🙂
  17. We had the ocean facing star loft and there was no noise from the connecting door. I cannot comment on the noise from 1720 but the back decks with the flow rider is still quite a distance from that cabin. I would imagine that the ATS would be much noisier than 1720.
  18. Good thing my #1 request to Izzy was to make sure everything gets a steam cleaning! 😆
  19. If I had to guess, I would say no... I'm a T3 girl myself. 😉 I've been using that line for about 10 years now. And I did buy My Pillow...it's interesting. I've been using it for about a week. Jury is still out on whether or not I like it.
  20. We have two girls, age 11 & 13. We are sailing in an ATS on Oasis in a month mainly because the kids want the second bedroom and because D11 loves the balcony so she is really excited for the wraparound. We did the Star Loft last year with them. You most definitely lose out on privacy with the loft. If I could pick between the two, I would choose the Star Loft every time. The pros of the loft far outweigh the cons for me. When we travel with our girls, we don't have much privacy anyway, second bedroom or not, and so I would much rather be up on Deck 17. I'll have a much more solid opinion in about a month but I doubt it will change much from where I am at right now.
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