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  1. We were in Aqua. As I understand it, Luminae was open on sea days.
  2. Yes, we were in the "parade". We were on Captain Kate's instagram.
  3. Me neither. It was there before. I’ll try again.
  4. Hello! Anyone here joining us on this cruise? My wife, Sheri, and I will be joined by our friend Eric. Hope we have some others here.
  5. Definitely loved it! Maybe we did meet? I was Barney...
  6. I was on Anthem OTS for NYE in it's inaugural year. CNN was on board as one of the spots they were covering. A) I believe so. B) Special menu for the evening. Champagne bottles on sale. Parties in the Promenade and the Pool Deck. LOTS OF FUN!
  7. I'll be on the Beyond TOMORROW!!! Is this the sailing you're referring to?
  8. Probably the next icon class ship. Not this one.
  9. I believe that's only been shared with RC Blog Insiders as of right now. But someone more official can correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. I actually wouldn't until they made some minor modifications to lower the smokestacks. They had them down to move it from the shipyard, but the intent was to lock them in the up position after that, which they did. So they had to "unlock" them and I'm sure they added some automated system to raise and lower them.
  11. Ken Jarvis posted on his FB that it should be able to fit because it has to go under the Great Belt Bridge which has 213' of clearance and the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge has a clearance of 228'. I wouldn't take that as gospel, but it's hopeful.
  12. They're supposed to charge a corking fee, but it usually doesn't happen. (Your mileage may vary.)
  13. Posted this in August, 2021. Now it's 3 weeks away! Hooray!
  14. As for the, "one and done," aspect of the post... I believe that many people come here believing that they can vent directly to Royal by posting here. We know better, of course. But many have no clue. They never intended to come back. It doesn't matter what we say, positive or negative, they're never coming back. So, bon voyage...
  15. I'm sure your (nonexistent) cancelation insurance will cover it. Get well soon.
  16. I believe they will accommodate a do-your-own if you like. I would ask in advance.
  17. I wouldn't go so far as to say, "meh!" But I understand the sentiment. I think it's good, but it's not specialty restaurant good. I appreciate the more personalized service. It's nice having a private dining space. I enjoy it, but it's not like I'm blown away.
  18. Definitely something to do at least once. We did it and then did it again the next time we were there with our family.
  19. Yes, similar. But not the same. They are wonderful. And, yes, packages are offered. Tuscan Grille - Italian grill, Murano - Continental French, and Le Petit Chef - animated dinner are the offerings on Eclipse. All are worth it. THE BEST! Better than CK. Martini Bar is the place to be. Sunset Bar, outside at the back of the ship above the buffet, is fantastic. They often have a guitar player or small band out there. Celebrity is GREAT. Still feels a lot like Royal, just a bit elevated.
  20. If you've never been, it's worth it. It's fun! And the prices at the bar aren't insane. Sure, higher than other places, but not break the bank expensive. Have a snack and a couple of drinks. After all, you're on vacation!
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