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  1. In less than a heartbeat, I would. When applications become available, will you let us know?
  2. Hey all. Just wanted to reach out and say hello to everyone. It’s been three years since I last posted. Last anyone knew, I was headed for an Enchantment of the Seas cruise Feb, 2016. Well, at the last minute Royal Caribbean cancelled new and it didn’t happen.. The story is long, and maybe one day I’ll share it. I just got really anti- Royal Caribbean for a while. I am better, and miss y’all. I have missed the daily banter, and the fun discussions though. I hope the last three years have been good to everyone. I’ll talk more and more as the days stretch. Jeff
  3. Yeah, I know... He was the one that sold me on EotS as well... I was just giving you a playful sassing because in all your cruising, you still haven't managed to get on her yet.. but I know you will
  4. The ONE ship I want to sail on is Oasis. USA Today did an article on her pre first sailing, and with everything she DOES have, I was surprised she didnt have a roller coaster.
  5. Hey Matt, I can tell you all about it in 28 days. Maybe convince you to try her, since all Michael Poole's glowing reviews haven't convinced you yet.
  6. and why do we have to choose? i want them all... and as i've had none, can't wait to try all
  7. Well, we made it to 47 days until embarkation, and finally received our cruise contract, and set sail passes... excited...excited...excited Since this is our first RCCL cruise, I have a couple questions... 1. will we receive any paperwork from RCCL that shows all the pre-booked things we chose.. such as shore excursions, or specialty restaurants.. specifically, the times we are booked? 2. it says check in is 1130... does it really mean 1130? 3. Miami is HUGE... will we be told what part of the port to go to in order to get on Enchantment of the Seas, or just drive around til we see it? all the contract says is follow the directions to the port. Thanks again for everyone assistance.. Merry Christmas to all.. Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year.
  8. Jason, I'll be on Enchantment in Feb. PM me, and we can discuss
  9. I'm sure someone could find a way to have them dunked in chocolate
  10. lol... leave it to us to turn an innocent conversation about harmless cookies into a discussion on the deliciousness of bacon..
  11. just curious...but what does a model of any ship cost, approximately?
  12. I'm really liking the way you only tease small bits of info.. keeps me coming back, looking for more.. my brother lives in TX, and Galveston has always interested me as far as including my brother on a cruise, as its so much easier for him to travel there.
  13. ok. i just cancelled and rebooked all our excursions and drink packages... saved about 100 due to this sale... aprox how long will it take for rccl to refund my original booking?
  14. Happy Anniversary, Kristen.. Enjoy Harmony. Please let us all know how it goes... and Thank you for your kind words
  15. can one person, say me... get a Frappuccino on Enchantment of the Seas? Are fraps offered?
  16. how many equals too many? I know its subjective, just curious
  17. thanks Doc, I knew I could count on you for advice
  18. I was recently given a website address that lists all ships in port on any given day. For my upcoming cruise, we will have 4 total ships in Nassau, including the one I will be on. Will 4 ships make Nassau overcrowded? In your opinion, how many ships are too many ships?
  19. Mark, Thank you for this. Very touching
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