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  1. Out of curiosity, why is it faster to do it in person than on the app? I was envisioning strolling around, exploring the ship while fiddling in the app when we get on to make reservations but now that sounds like a not-great plan.
  2. This summer we sailed on Enchantment (from Baltimore) and Voyager (from Copenhagen). We've also sailed out of Rome on Jewel. There are always a few, unique choices on the European menu. On Voyager this year it usually included a British-style dish. There is always an Indian dish on the menu (though on any ship you can order Indian food in the MDR, it's just more "secret") Overall, the quality of food we've had in the MDR on our two European sailings was far better than our US sailings. I think they get better produce and meats and other fresh ingredients from their European suppliers.
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