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  1. If you can wait until Cyber Monday (Nov. 28). That will likely be when the next big sale is. Obviously if your cruise is before then, that’s not going to work. You need to pre-buy it because it will be cheaper. I paid about $69/day for 10 nights in Australia. The cost varies based on cruise length and location. I also bought my package boxing week, as that was when I figured I would be a good deal. lastly, remember you have to buy it for both guest in the state room and they automatically add a 20% gratuity on top of the cost. So if the lowest cost is $66.99 that works out to $80.39/day per person, or about $1,125 for the trip.
  2. Anyone know what broadway show is playing on Quantum. Taking it in November.
  3. You could bring just a regular not powered usb hub. Most rooms have at least one USB port. It’s the 120 thy don’t like. Amazon sells a few models. I’d suggest giving that a go.
  4. Hi, I’m a bit late to the party here. I read in previous discussions about transfers from Brisbane airport to the cruise terminal. I am flying into Brisbane two days before the Quantum leaves. Landing Nov. 25, sailing Nov. 27. I understand that there’s a third party vendor at the domestic terminal, Con-X-ion. When I did my eraser h on them, it sounds like they offer ground transfers to the cruise terminal. I contacted them, and got an automatic response of call them. That’s a bit difficult calling from North America and 16 hours different in time zones. The two questions I have are: 1. Will they offer transfers; 2. How difficult is it to get a cab at the cruise terminal? thanks
  5. As a fellow solo traveler, but from Canada you shouldn’t have much trouble. You must have two COVID vaccine shots, or they will not let you in. There’s also the arrive can app you need to use check out travel.go.ca, for more details. edit the app is arrivecan. And the URL is travel.gc.ca. Autocorrect messed it up on me.
  6. I am a huge star wars fan, and yes if I won the lottery I would totally do it. However, at $2,500 a night for two people, I just can't justify the value. I have watched various youtube video's on it, and yes it was very cool. Some of the experience would be memorable for the 8 - 13 year old children for sure. They have small group exclusive experiences too. I'm sure they run them more than once. It is a well put together show. You do get frount of the line access to Rise of the Resistance and Smugglers run rides. The food for lunch and dinner did look good. But I would not say really any better than the Windjammer or main dining room. It's presented better sure, but at the end of the day, it's earth food. If was difficult to get the size of a state room, but I would guess probably around the size of a standard state room 180 - 200 square feet. Youtube has many video's on this. Warning, most contain spoilers of the experience. I've watch a few, and yeah originally I wanted to go. But, when I compare the cost to what I could get for the same amount, it just doesn't add up for me. You can probably get a 7 nigh Caribbean cruise with a suite for the same amount of money. Well, depending on the itinerary. But the point is, $2,500 for two nights, vs $5,000 for many more nights. I just can't see the value. At that cost, I really can't see it being sustainable business. For the same amount of money you could take a family of four to Disney for like 4 or 5 days. That's parks, meals, hotel, etc. What I think they will do probably next year is introduce a lower tier ticket structure. $2,000 for the same dining and experience, but you don't get the front of the line access, and maybe reduce a few other perks. Or they' make light saber training a paid for event. Disney has invested a lot of money into the property, if it doesn't generate the revenue needed and sales decline, they'll have no choice but to reduce the cost. Best advice is wait until either they announce it's closing, or the price has gone down. For now unless it is supper important to you, I would wait and invest your money in a better value holiday.
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