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  1. HI! I got my hair braided in Labadee back in December of 2016. (it is still in). They did an awesome job. If i can figure out how to post a pic of it I will. I had them do the half head with headband style and they put a little design in it. I absolutely love it and will be getting it done again but a little different when i go back in March. I got the best price in Labadee. I paid $40.00 for it and there are 19 braids. In the Bahamas they had wanted over $100 for something not as nice. I have received so many compliments not only from people and crew on the ship but also at a lot of individ
  2. Hi there Lizk! and welcome. My husband and I recently booked our Alaskan trip for August 2017. We chose Radiance and based it on the itinerary. We are doing 4 days land first then going from Alaska to Vancouver for a total of 11 nights. I have found that when reading different threads on which ship to go on it is usually divided about 50/50 on an answer. We went on one ship that a lot of individuals recommended and we ended up liking a different one in the same class better. So we just find an Itinerary, find a date and see what ship goes on the date we want the book! Good luck! :rolleyes:
  3. This has nothing to do with WiFi but what part of Toledo are you in?
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