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  1. To be fair though, Enchantment is like what? 25 years old there's bound to be wear and tear from all the cruising she's done in her life time and the thousands of passengers that have sailed on her! Of course she's not going to look as pristine and new as something like Odyssey.
  2. I might just go with Ovation, since I've already sailed on her before and know what to expect, plus I won't have to spend $ on flights and can use that money for other stuff
  3. Unfortunately I think Royal will probably continue to let her deteriorate and then sell it off as they focus on their Oasis, Quantum and Freedom class ships. And also their Voyager class ships
  4. I've got a feeling Allure won't be getting her amplification until at least the end of next year/early 2024....by then, Utopia and Icon will be out though so who knows.
  5. I also thought about sailing on Spectrum, but it seems like she only does 3 and 4 night cruises...
  6. Flights to/from Brisbane are relatively cheap all year round. I live in Sydney, and a return trip can be anywhere between 150-250 depending on if they have a sale. Enchantment is coming down here next year and for the 2023-2024 season, so I guess I could try sailing on her too.
  7. Thanks for the input guys. I guess I want to try Quantum since it's a "new" ship, but I also wouldn't mind sailing on Ovation again, I had a wonderful time on there, bar one night where a passenger was being very rude during the shows.
  8. So Royal Caribbean has two ships down under for the 2022-2023 cruising season - Ovation and Quantum and three for the 2023-2024 the aformentioned two and Enchantment. I sailed on Ovation back in 2017 and am looking at a New Zealand cruise for early 2024 - Ovation has an itinerary I want to go to, but I've already sailed on her before....I'm wondering if I should fly to Brisbane instead and sail on Quantum that does a very similar itinerary, since it'd be a new ship for me. Or should I fly to Hawaii and do the 18 day transpacific....
  9. Yeah, I thought about this, this is also why I am hesitant to book with US TA's.
  10. I really want to support Danny and the guys/girls at Harr Travel, but the problem is, prices are all in USD... I might decide to just bite the bullet and book with them...
  11. Yeah I'd rather not use USD to book. The exchange rate from USD to AUD is INSANE.
  12. Trying to book Royal Caribbean cruises...but MEI and Harr Travel are both based in the United States... My fellow Aussies - which travel agents do you use to book your RCI cruises.
  13. Renown of the Seas Tribute of the Seas Honor of the Seas Glory of the Seas Wisdom of the Seas
  14. Here is also one of Odyssey Odyssey of the Seas | Junior Suite
  15. Since Quantum, Anthem and Ovation are almost identical, check out this video of a Jr Suite on Ovation Junior Suite | J1, J3, J4 | Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas
  16. It's fine though, I'm not worried, it took them almost a month after my disembarkation date for them to reply to my previous email.
  17. I've been searching for cruises for the past few weeks so hopefully something that interests me comes up.
  18. No, calling an American number from Australia would cost more than a drink package.
  19. Informer of the Seas Divine of the Seas Awe of the Seas
  20. I mean I can see why, it's too long of a name
  21. New Freedom class ship: Opportunity of the Seas New Oasis class ship: Glamor of the Seas Friendship of the Seas Inspiration of the Seas
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