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  1. We are a party of two and currently booked as my time dining on freedom of the seas. We are considering changing it to any time dining. With any time dining, should and can we make a reservation when we decide on a time? Can we change our dining status once we board the ship?
  2. Hi Matt, You may have seen my name pop up recently on your last few weekly Q&As on youtube. May 2nd will be mine and my girlfriend's first on Freedom of the Seas, and November 12th with Harmony of the Seas when I turn half a century old. It was time for us to try a different cruise line other than Princess and Carnival. Thanks to you, Royal Caribbean has started to become a slight obsession. Your content started appearing often as I was doing research after booking Freedom and Harmony. Before I knew it, I just had to subscribe, and I'm not one to easily subscribe to anything. Your youtube content is so valuable, educational and I've learned so much about Royal Caribbean. Next thing I knew, I started visiting your blog and just had to join. And here I am! It's amazing how much information there is from you and your members. You can definitely bet on me spreading the word about your blog/channel and supporting when I can. I look forward to your Monday live chats about..."the most important thing in the Whole Wide World, how many days till YOUR next Royal Caribbean cruise?" Best, Aron
  3. Hello All, 17 days until my first sailing with Royal and I'm pretty excited! So far, I've cruised with Princess and Carnival and felt it was time for something different. Starting out small on Freedom of the Seas then going big with Harmony in November for my birthday. I was wondering if anyone has sailed on those two ships recently and if so, what was the best bite of food you had at the Windjammer? If not those ships, let me open the question up to.. Best bite of food you had recently on any Royal ship at the Windjammer?
  4. Hi all, my girlfriend and I will be sailing with Royal for the first time twice this year. Here are some questions I have... If I have already made a final payment for my cruise through my travel agent and the price for the cruise has dropped by let’s say $50 to $100, can I ask about getting some onboard credit for that sailing? Our Freedom of the Seas sailing in 20 days is offering Taste of Royal Lunch. When looking at the sample menu, why does is list sample dishes from restaurants that don’t exist on that ship? For example: Hooked, Wonderland and 150 Central Park. I have $100 onboard credit towards a Harmony of the Seas sailing for Nov 12th 2022. I’m interested in booking a dining package. Does Royal make you use your onboard credit towards the package? When I select “plan my cruise” on the Royal website for the Harmony sailing, it is offering discounts towards Chops Grille. I notice the starting price is $64.99 and the 15 percent off comes to $54.99. This sounds like price gouging to me. I thought the price for Chops was somewhere between $40 to $50? Can my girlfriend and I request we sit at a table for 2 in the main dining room? We have my time dining by the way. Lastly, we booked the Harmony sailing through Royal and not an agent. Since then it seems like the prices are going up. Should I even bother requesting a quote from an agent at this point? THANKS!
  5. NICE!! I know I'm in the wrong thread but I'm doing a similiar itinerary for my 50th Nov 12 2022. I am SO looking forward to it!! We hit Aruba first then Curacao. Ship stays in Aruba until 11pm and Curacao till 6pm.
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